What is Your Post Run Drink of Choice?

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been logging miles for years, there’s nothing like it.

After an easy run or after killing yourself trying for a new PR, you can’t wait for it.

And whether you’re bundled up for a winter run or sweating like crazy after a summer workout, you want it as soon as you can get your hands on it.

What is it, you ask?

In this case, the “it” is you post run drink of choice.

Post Run Drink of Choice

What Are My Post Run Favorites?

I’m not here to argue the merits of chocolate milk or craft beer as possible recovery drinks. There are plenty of other blog posts/articles out there that will try to impress upon you why one is better than the other, and why both are better than water. 

Instead, I just want to share a few of my favorite options in terms of post run drink of choice, in case you want to add a little variety to your typical post run potable.

  • Water: The gold standard. Most of us would benefit from drinking more water on a regular basis, and even for those of us that don’t much care for water (guilty!), a drink of cold water is never better than it is after a good run/race.
  • Coffee: My personal favorite. Hot or cold (air temperature or coffee temperature) I’ll always opt for a cup of joe. Always.
  • Sports Drink: Most of us really don’t need the electrolytes, especially when the running/racing is over, but a shot of sugar after a long run isn’t the worst thing in the world when it comes to recovery.
  • Pop: See above. My exercise phys professor in college said if you’re going to drink a Coke, the only “good” time was after a prolonged bout of cardiovascular exercise. So there’s that excuse if you’re into this sort of thing.
  • Chocolate Milk: Whether you buy the hype about it being “the perfect recovery drink” or not, chocolate milk is always delicious.
  • Beer: Exactly what I said in regards to chocolate milk.

What is Your Recovery Drink of Choice and Why?

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