Alison Heilig Is Arming Runners With Information On How To Be Durable

Alison Heilig is joining me on the show today for a talk on all things injury-related.

The injury setbacks Alison has experienced helped her to develop a passion for helping other athletes stay healthy as they pursue their goals.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Alison Heilig today.

Alison Heilig

Better With Age

Alison has noticed that she has become a faster runner with more endurance as she has aged.

She attributed her progress to a few different factors.

Alison puts more emphasis on strength training and has decreased her mileage to concentrate on her speed.

As a child and growing up, Alison was mediocre at every sport she tried and viewed running as a punishment.

At the age of 25, Alison was working as a lawyer and experiencing significant personal stress.

While on a walk to clear her head, Alison broke into a run for a short distance.

At that moment something seemed to click for Alison.

According to Alison, running entered her life at the perfect time.

Plagued By Injuries

Over the years two things have been consistent with Alison’s running.

Her running has continually evolved to be what she needs in her life and her body is injury prone.

Alison has been a runner for 14 years and she has dealt with injuries for the majority of that time.

Her injuries have spanned the length of her body, some are chronic, and some have prevented her from running completely.

Alison has had moments where she wondered if running was something she should be doing.

The thought of not running never lingered long.

Alison had a mission to come back stronger from her injuries and become the strongest she has ever been.

Her constant injuries prompted Alison to try to find solutions to make her body more durable.

Alison Heilig Practicing Yoga

The Science Of Running

Alison was determined to learn as much as she could about anatomy and physiology.

In an effort to get as in-depth as she could, Alison became a personal trainer along with taking classes and reading.

Her intense interest in the topic along with a career that wasn’t fulfilling led Alison to make a career change.

She was enamored with the idea that everyone has more potential than they are currently accessing.

Alison quickly found that the solutions for how to make a body more durable were surprisingly simple.

The information Alison was learning was too good to keep to herself.

She wanted to find a way to help others continue to move pain-free for their entire lives.

It was 2 years ago that Alison had the idea to write a book as a way to share the information.

Alison Heilig

Durable Runner

Alison determined that writing a book would be the easiest way to get her knowledge and information across to the masses.

After a whirlwind 2 years writing, Alison’s book “The Durable Runner,” will be available in November of 2019.

“The Durable Runner” is a mixed modality multi-dimensional approach to running healthy.

The book is separated according to body parts in an effort to make it easier for readers to find specific information.

The most surprising thing Alison has learned is that even as little as 15-20 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Everything in the body is connected and her goal when writing the book was to create balanced effects around the joints.

Durable Runner Book

An Ever-Evolving Process

Knowledge and information on running are always evolving which made writing a book challenging for Alison.

Alison underestimated how hard it was to take something that is so individualized and put it in a permanent form such as a book.

She had to trust in what she knew and the “why” behind it.

The two criteria Alison had for her book was that it must be based on science and also be able to stand up to criticism.

Alison learned that one can never get comfortable “knowing what you know.”

It was also a challenge to apply all her knowledge to a broad group of individuals with different needs.

Alison is a life-long learner that has enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what works best for each athlete.

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