Amy Mangueira Won’t Let Her Health Dictate Her Goals

My guest on the show today is a runner, mom, entrepreneur, marketing expert, and my best friend’s wife.

Amy Mangueira

She has recently set a big running goal that she’s already making serious progress toward.

I will go a few easy miles with Amy Mangueira as she shares how she got into running and what the sport holds for her future.

Natural Athlete

Amy is no stranger to competing in sports.

Growing up and all through school she was involved in softball and track.

Following her graduation from college Amy fell in love with Martial Arts and earned a black belt.

During her time competing in Martial Arts, Amy only ran as a way to stay conditioned and hated every step.

At the age of 32, Amy decided to give up kickboxing due to her body feeling beaten up after years of fighting.

She ventured into the running world when her friends convinced her to sign up and train for a 12k race.

Crossing that first finish line ignited a passion for running.

That new passion would lead to Amy finishing 15 half marathons over the course of the next 2 years.

Getting serious

Amy completed her first 2 years of running races with no real training.

It was during the time of her divorce that she began getting more serious about training properly.

This period was the first time in her life that she appreciated the sport for how it affected her mental state.

The idea to train for a marathon came about when a friend suggested they do the 2017 Disney marathon together.

The 26.2 distance scared her into following a training plan for the first time in her life.

Proper training resulted in a successful race.

Once Amy completed the Disney marathon she immediately set her sights on the NYC marathon.

Amy realized she experienced more satisfaction from completing a race well trained.


The journey to run the NYC marathon has not been without challenges.

Amy has suffered from stomach issues for the majority of her life and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 25.

Her gastrointestinal issues only worsened as the years passed.

The GI issues would prove challenging for Amy to properly fuel for a marathon.

Amy’s first attempt to qualify for the NYC marathon would also be her first and only DNF.

Health issues prevented her from safely finishing the race.

As luck would have it, Amy got into the NYC marathon via the lottery in February of 2018.

During the spring of 2018, Amy underwent food sensitivity testing at the suggestion of her doctor.

This series of tests would prove to be life-changing both in everyday life and in training and racing.

Amy Mangueira Running New York

Forward Progress

Once Amy was able to narrow down what was causing her stomach issues, she began to make huge strides in her running.

The right diet for her provided more energy, weight loss, and multiple PR’s.

The positive changes in Amy’s health allowed her to have the NYC marathon experience that she had hoped for.

Amy went into the marathon with a plan for the race and a time goal.

The race day didn’t go exactly as planned and she readjusted her goals midway through the race.

Even though she didn’t hit her goal it didn’t prevent her from enjoying the unique experience that is NYC.

Amy’s post-NYC goals include completing all the world marathon majors in the next 3 years before she turns 40.

Running has allowed Amy to live her best life and be her best self.

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Just listened to this podcast this morning and just wanted to say Amy is an amazing person. After going through all she went through from being sick and not knowing why, she still continue not only to run but run marathons. I think most people would’ve have given up on running but it didn’t stop her. Again, great episode!


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