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Who’s Up for a Challenge?

A little peer pressure can be a good thing. With that said, it’s time for me to make a little announcement and for y’all to help hold me accountable. And hopefully, a few of you will join me as well. The Challenge For the month of August, I’m planning on running a minimum of a […]

Diz Runs With… Patricia Lopez

On today’s run, I’m joining Patricia Lopez for a few easy miles. Patricia is a bit unique in that she is a running coach and a yoga instructor. She believes there are many benefits for runners that are able to incorporate regular yoga practice into their training schedule, and I think she’s right. We talked a […]

Diz Runs With… Dane Rauschenberg

For today’s run, I’m joining one of the real extremists in the running community for a few easy miles. Dane Rauschenberg didn’t take up running long distances until he was in law school, and he hasn’t stopped running since. Dane’s story is unremarkable at first, and probably sounds very similar to many folks that started […]

Diz Runs With… Anders Brooker

Today, I’m running with Anders Brooker, who is the race director for the Missoula Marathon in Missoula, Montana. The race weekend consists of a 5k, Half, Full, kid’s marathon, and beer run, so there is an event available for everyone. While running with Anders, we obviously talked about the Missoula Marathon but that’s not the only […]

Diz Runs With… Mick Jurynec

On today’s episode of the Diz Runs With podcast, I am running with ultra-marathoner Mick Jurynec. Mick is a fantastic guy, and while our conversation seemed to revolve mostly around running really long distances, we did cover a few other areas as well. Some of the highlights of our conversation include:   The process of […]