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What’s In Store for 2014

To me, New Year’s Resolutions are a double edged sword. I love reading about things that people are planning on doing and accomplishing for the coming year, and the chance to wipe the slate clean from last year and start fresh is always uplifting. And then there are the posts about why you’ll never achieve […]

A 13.1 Mile Double Down

It’s time to Double Down. And no, I’m not heading to the casino. Instead, I’m doing something only slightly less foolish this weekend–I’m running 2 different half marathons in the same day. That’s right yall, I’ll be toeing the line at 7 am for the Red Ribbon Half Marathon here in Lakeland. At 10 pm […]

I Got a Fever! And the Only Prescription…

Finally! I’ve been waiting for next weekend for a while now, and it’s finally less than a week away. Next weekend, I’ll be flying out to Kansas City for the wedding of my wife’s best friend, and to run my next marathon! I’m excited for the bride and groom, but let’s be serious–I’ve got a […]