Is Running Bad for Your Health?

Risks to Running? Should Runners Proceed with Caution?

Did you see the headlines last week?

Could Strenuous Jogging Do More Harm Than Good?

Running Too Hard? Light Jogging Linked with Living Longer.

Want to know my first thought when I read those headlines? It’s a good thing I’m a fricking runner and not a jogger!

I'm Not a Jogger!

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Want to know my second thought? What a bunch of bullshit.

Screw the Headlines, What Do the Articles Say?

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Runners Knee Treatment: Fact vs. Fiction [with Video]

Anyone that has ever dealt with runners knee/IT Band syndrome knows how much it stinks to not be able to run without pain.

When it comes to runners knee treatment options, there are a handful of common suggestions–some of which are good and some of which are about useless. In this video, I’m addressing each of the common runners knee treatment options and giving you a heads up on which are most effective.

If you missed last weeks video on the causes of runners knee, make sure you check that out as well. And stay tuned for next week’s video, when I’ll be talking about how to prevent having to deal with runners knee in the first place!

Do You Have a Runners Knee Treatment That Has Worked for You That I Didn’t Cover in the Video? I’d Love to Hear How You Dealt with Your IT Band Issues!

Conversation With Camille Herron, Who Has a Goal of Winning a Marathon in Each State!

The Longer the Race, the Better Camille Herron Performs

Camille Herron wasn’t planning on making running a huge part of her life, until she discovered that she was able to be competitive at longer distance races.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Conversation With Camille Herron, Who Has a Goal of Winning a Marathon in Each State!

Camille Herron, photo by Chris Barnes

We covered a lot of ground on our chat today, including touching on some of the highlights of her career so far as well as looking a little bit into her future. Read more

Valentine's Day Gifts for Runners

The 7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Runners

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, if you haven’t thought about what to get your special someone yet you’d better get on it!

If you’re spouse/partner/significant other happens to be a runner, why not get them something for Valentine’s Day that they will appreciate, a gift that blurs the line between running and romance.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Runners

Not sure what to to give? Here are 7 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for runners that are sure to excite, in more ways than one. Read more

Use Real Food as Your Mid Race Fueling Choice

Is There a Better Mid Race Fueling Option Than a Gel?

When you’re running a long race, whether it’s a half, full, or an ultra, what do you for fuel during the race?

Many runners turn to gels for mid race fueling and nutrition, even though I’ve never met a single runner that enjoys a gel. (Seriously, if you like gels, let me know because I don’t think anyone really does.)

Most longer races provide gels at some point along the course, and I have a suspicion that is part of the reason that runners have flocked to the gels. We all like things that are free, and since they will be handed out for free at races, we train using them in an attempt to “avoid any race day unpleasantness”, if you will.

I took a quick poll in our Facebook Group yesterday, and I got what I expected. A lot of people said that they use gels, but a surprising number also said that they had used gels, but had to switch to another option because of tummy issues.

But what if there was a better option than a mid race gel?

There is. Read more