Scott Rogers Is Embracing The Challenge Of Going Farther, Not Faster

Today’s guest is someone that I’ve been working with for a bit now and while we were debriefing after a recent race he asked if I was still taking volunteers for guests on the podcast.

That answer is still, and will always be, yes.

I’m not entirely sure where this conversation will end up but I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Scott Rogers.

Scott Rogers

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QT: Would Your Running Improve if You Took a Proper Off Season?

One of the wonderful things about our sport is that it’s something that can be done year-round.

Literally, any weekend of the year, at least pre-pandemic, if you want to run a race you can find a race to run.

For those who really like racing, this is obviously a wonderful thing.

But is it a case of too much of a good thing?

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Tim Cigelske Earned His Status As The Official Beer Runner

Today’s guest is someone that enjoys a good run about as much as he enjoys a good beer!

For about 10 years, he wrote a regular column in DRAFT magazine called the Beer Runner and during that time he also had a duel streak going for 3 years: daily running and a daily beer.

I am looking forward to an easy run with Tim Cigelske and seeing what topics we can cover!

Tim Cigelske

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Listener Q&A: October 2021

Trick or treat, yall!

Hope your final Halloween preparations are coming together nicely and you’ve set plenty of Reese’s pumpkins aside for yourself instead of giving though away to the neighborhood kids. #protip

Anyway, it’s time for another round of Q&A.

Hopefully, my answers are closer to treats than tricks this month! Read more

Mike Samuels Turned His Power Lifting Background Into Ultra Running

My guest today is someone that I’ve followed on social media for a few years and for most of that time his workouts were more focused on lifting heavy rather than running.

That all changed recently when he did 3 ultras in a short period.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Mike Samuels, the powerlifter turned ultra runner.

Mike Samuels

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