Early Morning Long Run

7 Reasons to Get Up and Out of Bed for an Early Morning Long Run

Do any runners really enjoy hearing the alarm clock going off at 4:15 on a Saturday morning?

Didn’t think so.

Early Morning Long Run

Left the House at 5:04 am on Saturday

Yet week after week, myself and countless other runners drag ourselves out of bed, put away a couple cups of coffee, and head out for our weekly long runs.

But why?

If you’re struggling to get out of bed before the sun to go for an early morning long run on the weekends, here are 7 reasons to rise and shine next weekend.  Read more

My Least Favorite Speed Workouts

Some of My Least Favorite Speed Workouts

All runners, no matter your pace or your preferred race distance, can benefit from doing regular speed work.

There are a number of physiological benefits of doing speed work, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy doing speed work.

My Least Favorite Speed Workouts

I really hate doing speed work.

But I keep doing it, because of the benefits and because the goals I have for my running “career” include me getting faster.

And let’s be honest, if you want to get faster you’ve got to run faster.

So I keep doing my speed work, and that includes doing some of my least favorite speed workouts as well.  Read more

My Race Day Music

My 10 Favorite Songs from the Echo Half Marathon

These days, most of my runs don’t involve me listening to music because I’m either running/talking with others or I’m listening to podcasts.

But on race day, the last thing I want to have to do is to fiddle with my phone to switch podcasts, so for the ECHO Half Marathon this morning I pulled my old iPod shuffle out of my bag for the first time in many months.

My Race Day Music

This iPod is glorious, y’all.

I don’t remember when I loaded it, but it’s got about 7 hours of music on it and it plays in a completely random order.

And the music? Most of it is from my college computer (with a few more recent songs included) so every race that I use this iPod is a fun trip down memory lane, with some hip hop/rap, rock, pop, and maybe a little country as well.

And today was no different.

Some of the Songs from My Run Today

Behold, my 10 favorite songs from today’s race, in no particular order: Read more

Tips for Running in the Rain

Running in the Rain

There are few constants in this world.

Death. Taxes.

And the daily summer afternoon downpour here in Florida.

Tips for Running in the Rain

Tips for Running in the Rain

But no matter where you call home, I’d absolutely recommend you try to go running in the rain at least once this summer.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about running in a downpour and splashing through every puddle possible.

So  this summer, when the temps are up and the rain is coming down, I challenge you to lace em up and head out.

But before you do, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

8 Tips for Running in the Rain

Read more

Reflect on the Meaning of Memorial Day Weekend

5 Memorial Day Weekend Reminders for Runners

Memorial Day Weekend is often considered the official start of the summer, though let’s be honest, it’s been summer here in Central FL for a couple of months now.

While you’re enjoying an extra day off of work, time with friends/family, and cookouts galore, here are a few things all runners should keep in mind this weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

5 Memorial Day Weekend Reminders

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