Are Runners Stupid?

Runners Are F@€%ing Stupid!

I’m Denny, and I’m a runner.

Hi Denny.

I’ve been what I would consider a “real” runner for a little more than 4  years, and in that time I’ve gotten noticeably stupider. Or more stupid. Whatever.

In the real world, I like to think I’m a pretty intelligent guy, but since the start of 2012, my runner IQ has been trending downward as my mileage totals have gone in an inversely proportional direction.

Are Runners Stupid?


I Can’t Be the Only Stupid Runner, Can I?

Seriously y’all, how stupid are we?

Sure, there are numerous health benefits to being a runner. Running strengthens your heart and lungs. Running helps you lose weight and keep it off. Running helps tone and sculpt your legs.

Running also brings people together and can help to create friendships across generational, cultural, social, economic, and any other lines that exist.

But on the other hand… Read more

I'm Just Sad

An Open Letter to runDisney: Why Did You Ruin Wine & Dine?

Dear runDisney,


Why did you do it?

You had something special with the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, you really did.

You had something that was completely unmatched by any other runDisney event with the PM start time, a completely unique course, and the ability to hang out in Epcot after the race to eat, drink, and be merry.

And now, that’s all gone.


From my outside perspective, it has to boil down to one of two reasons: either you’re afraid of the weather or it’s a straight up money grab. Read more

Speed Up the Recovery Process

How to Speed Up the Recovery Process After a HardRace

There are few things in the running world that let you know you have had a successfully hard day of racing like sore leg muscles.

You put yourself out there, pushed to the limit, and came out the other side with nothing worse than some seriously sore legs. (And you know by now that said soreness has nothing to do with lactic acid, right?)

Of course, now it hurts to go down a flight of stairs, the act of sitting down on the toilet immediately bring tears to your eyes, and you can’t wait until your legs will allow you to walk without a limp again.

She Clearly Ran a Marathon Yesterday...

She Clearly Ran a Marathon Yesterday…

While there isn’t anything you can do to instantly make the soreness go away, there are definitely a several tricks you can employ to help expedite your recovery after a race so you can get back to training for whatever is next on your calendar. Read more

Is There a Problem with Striving for Perfection

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

~Vince Lombardi

Raise your hand if this quote hits close to home because you tend to hold yourself to the standard of either “Perfect” or “Abject Failure”.

Guilty as Charged

Guilty as Charged

This is definitely something that I struggle with, especially when it comes to my running.

I’ve talked before about the half marathon where I set a 7 minute PR and instead of being excited at the result I was pissing and moaning because I missed my “A” goal by 5 fricking seconds.

Honestly, to this day I still beat myself up over the fact that I stopped at one point to pour water over my head, which definitely cost me more than 5 seconds.

But you know what, even if I had come in just under my “A” goal I probably would have still gone back and dissected my race to figure out how I could have shaved a few more seconds on that particular day instead of just celebrating the fact that I ran an excellent race on that hot and humid summer day in Central Florida. Read more

Proof I'll Be Speaking at the Connect Run Club Virtual Running Conference

Join Me at the Connect Run Club Virtual Running Summit

If you’ve been around the blog or the podcast for awhile, you may remember that about a year ago I was talking about putting together a virtual running summit. The plan was to bring in a dozen or so speakers and have them present on topics that would be of interest to runners such as injuries, form, nutrition, and so on.

Yeah, about that…


Obviously my virtual running summit never came to fruition, so why bring up those memories?

Well, Coach Trey and Brandon from the Connect Run Club are putting together what looks to be a pretty awesome virtual running summit, and they have asked yours truly to be one of the speakers/presenters!

Proof I'll Be Speaking at the Connect Run Club Virtual Running Summit

Proof I’ll Be Speaking at the Connect Run Club Virtual Running Summit

I’ll be speaking on Tuesday, the 23rd of February at 2 PM.

I’ll see you there, right?

Who Else is Speaking at the Virtual Running Summit?

If I’m being honest, I’m hardly the headliner for this event.

Check out some of the folks I’ll be sharing the “stage” with: Read more