QT: Good Consequences or Bad Consequences? The Choice is Yours

My daughter…

So Cute, Yet So Evil…

I love that kid, but she is driving me INSANE right now!

She is in that stage where she is constantly pushing boundaries and, I swear, on occasion deliberately disobeying.

Beks and I have been talking with Adi a lot lately about obeying and disobeying.

Obeying would be a good choice, and good choices tend to bring about good consequences.

Disobeying, on the other hand, is a bad choice. And the consequences of bad choices are usually far less enjoyable.

Needless to say, she’s been learning that lesson the hard way of late…

Are You Smarter Than My 3-Year-Old?

Most adults are smarter than most 3-year-olds, so I’m going to assume your answer to my question is yes.

That said, how often in your running do you find yourself dealing with a bad consequence that was simply the result of a bad decision?

Maybe you went off script of your race plan and ended up blowing up before you made it to the finish.

Or maybe you knew that you were supposed to run easy today, but since it was such a nice day you ended up hammering your work out instead. And now your Achilles tendon seems to be a bit grouchy.

Maybe you rushed back from having an upper respiratory infection to resume training, and because you taxed your system again too soon the crud came roaring back with a vengeance.

These are three examples, but there are many more, of ways that runners know what they are supposed to do but consciously make a bad choice which then leads to a bad consequence.

Seriously, are you sure you’re smarter than my kid?

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Every Choice You Make Has Consequences

I hope we can all agree that our choices do have consequences.

The problem is that the consequences of our actions, good or bad, aren’t always immediately apparent.

And this is especially true in running.

I can extol to value of doing the majority of your training runs at a slow/easy pace, but if you decide to run a bit too fast/hard one time the odds are that nothing bad is going to happen.

If you run a bit too fast for all of your easy runs, odds are that nothing bad is going to happen.

But if you do your easy runs too hard, odds are that you will not improve as much as you could have if you had done a better job of running easy most of the time.

The point: you can get away with bad choices for weeks, months, and in some cases years, but eventually the bad consequences are going to arrive.

You may not always be able to draw a direct line between the bad choice and the bad consequence, but the link will almost always be there.

Start Making Better Choices

Where do you need to start making better choices in your running?

Do you want to be the best runner you can be? Do you want to exceed your goals or just keep training in vain?

Good consequences come from good choices…

Good choices often lead to good consequences or results. Why then, do we as runners, so regularly make bad choices? #runchat Click To Tweet

What is One Bad Choice That You Currently Make as a Runner That You Can Improve Upon Starting Today?

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