It’s Time to Up My Apparel Game Thanks to CVox! (with Video)

It’s been too long since I’ve shot a video y’all…

Anyway, I’m back and I have a bit of an announcement:

This Just In... I'm Consulting with CVox!

This Just In…

I’m a consultant for CVox!

CVox? Never Heard of Em!

Then allow me to introduce you.

But first, let me get this legal razzmatazz out of the way:

I am a paid consultant to this company, so I’m probably not going to bash them or their product. That said, I wouldn’t be a consultant for a company that I didn’t believe in. If you want to take my views on the products or the company with a grain of salt, that’s fine, but for the record I do believe in the quality of the product that CVox creates and the vision they have for the future of their company.

Now, where was I…


Oh yeah, CVox.

CVox is a company that is focused on combining the highest audio quality wearable technology with really high quality athletic apparel.

And so far, they’ve hit the mark!

Tech Specs/Features

All of the garments that CVox manufactures come with a set of quality headphones and built in wiring.

I’ll allow you a minute to process that…

The headphones attach/detach at a port near the collar of each garment, but the rest of the wiring is sewn into the garment itself. (And yes, the wiring within the garment is machine washable. Just detach the headphones and throw it in the wash with everything else.)

This means that you never have to worry about your head phone cord getting in your way while you’re running, working out in the gym, or whatever else you’re doing.

Each garment also comes with a waterproof pocket to put your phone/device in when you’re using it, and within that pocket is where you plug the business end of the wiring into the headphone jack of your device.

Some of the outerwear garments also contain blue tooth technology, allowing you listen to take calls, listen to music, or whatever else without taking your phone out of the pocket.


When it comes to the comfort and fit of these cloths, CVox hit it out of the park.

The garments I’ve been sent as part of my consulting contract have fit perfectly and are all super comfortable.

Honestly, these are some of the nicest clothes I’ve ever worn, running/workout clothes or otherwise.

I’m not sure whether that says more about the quality of these clothes or my cheapness/lack of caring about the quality of the rest of my wardrobe…

I Don't Know

I Honestly Don’t Know

Stay Tuned for More

I’ll keep you up to speed about the goings on at CVox in the coming weeks and months.

There have been a lot of discussions about plans they have for the future, including the potential of sponsoring a race or two, and as details are ready to be released I’ll be sure to share them with you.

And if you want to check out their website for more info at the moment, just head over to!

Excited to be partnering with @cvoxwearables! #running #fitness #tech Share on X

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