7 Reasons to Get Up and Out of Bed for an Early Morning Long Run

Do any runners really enjoy hearing the alarm clock going off at 4:15 on a Saturday morning?

Didn’t think so.

Early Morning Long Run

Left the House at 5:04 am on Saturday

Yet week after week, myself and countless other runners drag ourselves out of bed, put away a couple cups of coffee, and head out for our weekly long runs.

But why?

If you’re struggling to get out of bed before the sun to go for an early morning long run on the weekends, here are 7 reasons to rise and shine next weekend. 

In no particular order:

  • Life–Life is busy for most of us, and if you don’t get your run in while most other people in the world are asleep there’s a good chance “something will come up” and you’ll miss your run.
  • Motivation–I don’t know about you, but the more I think about it the more likely I am to talk myself out of a run-especially a long run. Your motivation is most likely to be highest first thing in the morning.
  • Temperature–This time of the year it gets hot quick. Get your run in early before it gets ridiculously hot/humid out there.
  • Partners–You might like running with yourself, but I know I do better when I’m running with others. If you want running partners on a regular basis, your best chance of finding them is early in the morning.
  • Great Excuse for a Nap–If there was ever a good excuse to take a nap by the pool or while watching TV, it’s the fact that you got up pre-dawn to run 10+ miles.
  • Post Run Breakfast–There’s never a bad time for breakfast foods, but some eggs, bacon, and coffee are even better after an early morning long run.
  • Good Practice for Race Day–Since most races are run in the morning, doing your long runs in the AM gives you plenty of opportunities to work on and perfect your pre-race routine.

The next time the alarm goes off and you feel like turning it off and going back to sleep, you’ve now got several reasons to get up and run.

And remember, you’ll never regret getting up for that early morning long run, but you might regret sleeping in!

What is Your Reason for Getting Up on the Weekend for an Early Morning Long Run?

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