Erica Agran Feels Right at Home When She’s Running New York

Today on the show, I’m joining Erica Agran for a few easy miles.

Erica Agran

Erica Agran

Erica has been running for quite a while, and has finished hundreds of races across a variety of distances. She’s finished over 40 marathons and 130 half marathons, so clearly she enjoys running and racing!

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

We shared some laughs about how much cotton she wore for her first marathon, her love of the NYC marathon (and she definitely encouraged me to run it at least once!), how different her blog is from the blogs of most runners, saving money shopping online, and a whole lot more!

Here are Some of the Highlights from Today’s Chat with Erica Agran

  • Not knowing much about distance running/racing for her first race; maybe that was a good thing?
  • The ongoing quest for PRs, even after so many races
  • The New York City Marathon, which she’s finished 16 times!
  • Our mutual joy with running downhill (Steamtown Marathon, here I come!)
  • Possibly running some international races in the future
  • On her blog, she talks about her running but it’s not your typical running-type blog
  • Ways to find deals on just about anything you buy online (Get Cash Back for Shopping Online, Become an Online Shopping Ninja, Lots of Runner Specific Deals)
  • The increase in the price of races over the years
  • Odds of seeing Erica running a Disney race in the future are not very high

In full Erica spirit, you can save some $$$ if you want to run with her in San Fransisco: Save $10 on full/half with code TSFM2016ERICA and save $5 on the 5k with code TSFM2016ERICA5K

Next time you’re shopping online, check out Erica’s website for all kinds of ways to score deals on the things you are going to purchase (running or otherwise) anyway. And you can also connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

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4 replies
  1. Jill Corbett
    Jill Corbett says:

    I really loved this chat! Erica is my kind of person; she loves saving money and thinks of it as a challenge.

    My take away: the New York marathon and the Boston marathon require lots of waiting around and lots of extra “day of” travel to get started. By the time you actually start the race, you will be up for hours. Erica obviously thinks they are worth it but I’ll have to think about whether it would be worth it to me. I’m really not sure. So this podcast makes me more tuned in to what my true running goals are. Do I even really want to try a marathon? Or will I be happy with “just” running a half once I do my first in November. I guess time will tell. But rather than listening to all the hype, etc., I will be listening to myself.

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      You definitely should do what works best for you! And don’t say “just” a half marathon, either! A race is a race, no matter the distance!

    • Erica @ Erica Finds
      Erica @ Erica Finds says:

      I agree with Denny. Also the “big” marathons tend to require a lot of hassle. Some of the smaller races, you can just drive up and start. I think it is the scale of the race not the distance that matters. Good luck in your half, Jill! And thanks for the positive feedback. This chat was really fun!

      • Jill Corbett
        Jill Corbett says:

        Thank you, Erica! I hope you’ll be on Denny’s podcast again sometime. I enjoyed listening to you and Denny chat!


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