Jill Angie Is Empowering Plus-Size Women To Embrace Running

Today’s guest is back for her second time on the podcast and since we first chatted she has added author, podcaster, and running coach to her resume.

She’s clearly a very busy woman and I’m excited that she carved a bit of time out of her busy schedule to catch up.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles today with Jill Angie.

Jill Angie

Listen To Your Body

When Jill Angie was first on the podcast she was in the middle of a run streak.

She had a history of plantar fasciitis and found that running every day was aggravating her injury.

Though Jill could feel her body breaking down, she chose to ignore the signs and continued to push on to finish the streak.

The end result was a forced break from running and relying on crutches for a few months.

During the period she was injured, Jill went to a physical therapist and focused on the basics.

Jill was successfully able to return to running pain-free and has had zero issues since then.

Marathon FOMO

When Jill first began dating her then-boyfriend, now husband, he took up running because she was doing it.

He wound up losing about 100 pounds while also gaining speed and endurance.

His continued improvement motivated him to sign up for the Philadelphia marathon in 2019.

At the time, Jill was continuing to rehab her injury, but fear of missing out prompted her to sign up for the marathon.

In hindsight, that was not a smart decision on her part for various reasons.

Between Jill not running consistently in 2018 and her prior injury not quite being resolved, it was not an ideal time to train for a marathon.

Jill fell in love with the training, though the actual race day resulted in a DNF.

Even though she wasn’t able to finish, she left the race with an entirely new belief in herself along with a new understanding of what she was capable of.

Jill Angie

Always Another Race

The weather on race day was a frigid 32 degrees with a combination of rain and sleet.

Her feet were soaked, painful, and bloody by mile 9.

Jill knew she would do more damage to herself if she continued to push on.

Though Jill felt immense disappointment at not being able to finish, she was confident that she made the right decision at that moment for herself.

There were many friends along with listeners of her podcast who knew she was running the race.

She was honest about her disappointment but wanted everyone to know that she was still proud of herself regardless of if she finished.

There is no doubt in Jill’s mind that she will complete a marathon eventually.

Looking Beyond Races

This past year, the cancellation of most races has forced runners to find reasons to run besides races.

There will be a disappointment when a race is canceled, but Jill recommends limiting the time you have a pity party.

After her pity party is over, she mentally regroups and focuses on what she can do.

Jill wanted to be in the best shape of her life when races did start to resume.

She has worked towards that goal by doing a lot more strength and cross-training.

Jill uses the same approach with her clients as well.

The facts won’t change, the only thing you can change is how you handle them.

Each runner will have a different reason for wanting to run when there are no races and only they can figure out what that answer is.

Back Of The Pack

Jill has always been very vocal about how she loves being a back-of-the-pack runner.

There are a lot of unique advantages to being at the back of a race.

The runners towards the back are often extremely supportive.

If a race is an out and back, there may be an opportunity to see the fastest runners finishing.

Often the race photos may just include only you, rather than various other strangers around you.

There is a special camaraderie between those in the back that Jill embraces.

Jill Angie

Not Your Average Runner

Jill created the Not Your Average Runner brand almost by accident.

For nearly 20 years she worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

She made the difficult decision to quit and try to make a career out of something she was passionate about.

Initially, Jill wanted to be a personal trainer with a focus on working specifically with plus-size women.

She got certified and began seeing clients one-on-one in their homes.

Jill loved what she was doing and began to see how she could expand her reach.

It was very early on that Jill contemplated writing a book and that is how “Running With Curves” came to be.

Running With Curves

Jill, herself being a plus-size runner, knew that women with curves had different needs than the average runner.

Not Your Average Runner was born as a way for Jill to reach those runners who may be struggling.

She slowly began to phase out her personal training business and work solely online to reach more people.

Some common advice that Jill gives to her plus-size clients are:

  • Consider a run/walk approach when first starting out.
  • Get the appropriate gear.
  • Purchase a bra that fits and is supportive.
  • Don’t be afraid to work with a running coach.

Jill has found that overweight runners tend to gravitate towards baggy clothes.

The problem with not wearing clothes specifically designed for the sport is they may be uncomfortable and even cause chafing.

Runners, regardless of their size, deserve to wear gear that supports them.

The Rebel Runner Roadmap

Jill offers a couple of virtual training options for runners.

The Rebel Runner Roadmap is recommended for a runner that is new to the sport.

The program teaches the foundational skills of running with a specific slant towards plus-sized female runners.

Included in the sessions are strength training, stretching, running skills, and the mental side.

Once individuals graduate from this program they can move on to the ongoing class, Run Your Best Life.

Run Your Best Life offers a month-to-month membership that includes live coaching calls along with various retreats and virtual activities.

The community gives clients the confidence to claim their spot at the starting line.

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