Katie Fuller Is On A Streak…A Five Year Run Streak That Is

One of the things I love most about this sport is the endless variety of options that running presents.

You can run hard, easy, long, or short, or if you really want to you can run day after day for years.

Today I am going a few easy miles with Katie Fuller a 5-year run streaker with no plans to stop.

Katie Fuller

For The Love Of It

Katie Fuller was a runner from a young age.

She was a member of the track team all throughout junior high and high school.

During her freshman year of college, she was recruited for the rowing team but ultimately returned to running.

Katie is clearly no stranger to the sport, having run consistently for the past 25 years.

Undertaking a run streak was never a goal of Katie’s.

As we established through our conversation, Katie easily falls prey to peer pressure.

November of 2013 was when Katie first began streaking and since then she has run consecutively for over 1800 days.

Her run streak started without expectations and morphed into a lot more than she bargained for.

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5 Years and Counting

Katie’s foray into streaking began when a friend convinced her to join the Runner’s World Holiday Streak which consisted of 35 days.

Ultimately Katie was the only one of a group of friends to successfully streak the 35 days.

The original 35-day streak began to snowball quickly.

Katie Fuller at the Start of the Streak

After the 35 days was completed she decided to try for 100 days.

Once 100 days was accomplished she wanted to go till the 1-year mark.

At the year mark, she wanted to try for 1000 days and now has no good reason to stop.

While Katie is a pro at streaking now, she wasn’t always so knowledgeable on the topic.

Learning As She Goes

According to Katie, the first 10 days of her run streak felt insurmountable.

She felt more challenged mentally than physically and had to wrap her mind around the idea of no rest days.

Official run streak rules state that you must run 1 continuous mile in a 24 hour period and that is how Katie began.

It took Katie till the 100-day mark before running every day began to feel routine.

It was also during that first 100 days that Katie questioned why she was doing this.

At this point in her streak, not running for a day would feel more unnatural than running.

Running every day does not come without challenges.

Some days are harder than others, but there has never been a run she regretted doing.

Katie Fuller

Staying Healthy

Running every day can cause some bodies to break down and Katie admits she has been lucky thus far.

She has steadily increased the miles she runs daily from 1 mile per day years 1-3 to a 5k daily after surpassing the 5-year mark.

Katie has handled the extra volume but she is always listening to her body and adjusting as needed.

Planning runs is critical to ensuring there are no misses or near misses in her run streak.

Running daily has been a way for Katie to stay in shape and not get too relaxed after races.

Katie keeps most of her runs easy unless she is following a specific training plan.

Since her last marathon, she hasn’t run over 7 miles at a time in 2 months.

These down times in training have allowed Katie to stay healthy and continue streaking.

What The Future Holds

Katie is committed to her run streak, but only as long as her “body is willing and her spirit is wanting.”

She is realistic in the fact that someday her streak may come to an end.

Ultimately it is her hope that the streak ends on her own terms and not due to circumstances out of her control.

Katie is not willing to risk pushing through and risking not being able to run for the remainder of her life.

Katie’s advice for anyone wanting to try a run streak is simple: Just start and see how you feel.

Running 1 mile a day doesn’t have to take long.

For Katie, if she can’t find 10 minutes in a day to do something she loves, then she’s doing something wrong.

Katie Fuller: Killer Mid-Race Fueling Strategy?

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