Kris Murner Has Defied The Odds When It Comes To Her Running

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Today’s guest is someone that has dealt with more injuries than most runners are forced to deal with in a lifetime.

The majority of runners, myself included, may have thrown in the towel a long time ago, but not her.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Kris Murner and finding out what keeps drawing her back to the sport.

Kris Murner

Always An Athlete

Kris Murner grew up as an athlete and played any sport that was offered to her.

She primarily focused on soccer and played all throughout high school and part of college.

Kris had a demanding college schedule that didn’t work with playing collegiate soccer.

The scheduling conflict forced her to quit the team and give up her scholarship.

It was around this time that Kris began to run for enjoyment and stress relief.

She began to view running through a different lens when she didn’t have to run as a punishment for another sport.

Kris realized that when she ran on her own terms it was a release for her.

Running has been present in her life ever since and she has always found a way to return to it.

A Series Of Highs and Lows

Kris has had many ups and downs through all her seasons of running.

After running for a few years, Kris had major ankle surgery in 2010.

Her doctors weren’t sure that she would ever be able to run much less run long following her surgery.

Kris defied the odds when she ran the Disney Princess half marathon in 2013.

Along with a return to running, she became a charity runner for the Fighting Blindness Foundation.

The charity hits close to home for Kris because her son is visually impaired.

She was able to do the thing she loved while raising money for a good cause.

Kris Murner

In And Out Of Surgeries

Kris has a long history of surgeries that dealt with her ankle, dating back to 1995.

She first began to notice issues with her ankle while playing basketball in high school.

Kris experienced multiple injuries throughout college but was able to avoid surgery.

Her first surgery was in 1995, right after college graduation and shortly before her wedding.

She recovered and was able to get back to being active until 2008.

Kris injured herself following a normal morning run and knew that something was off.

The injury required a small surgery, but it only put off the inevitable when she needed a bigger surgery just 2 years later.

Kris was able to defy the odds and slowly returned to running in late 2011early 2012.


Kris grew up within a driving distance of Boston and had childhood memories of the marathon.

Prior to running Boston herself, her brother had run the marathon and raised money for the Fighting Blindness Foundation.

She was inspired to run it herself and got the chance in 2019 as a charity runner.

Everything came together for Boston weekend.

Kris took part in a lot of events for the charity in the days leading up to the marathon.

The weather on race day was all over the place, but Kris still enjoyed every minute of this historic race.

Kris Murner

Fluke Accident

Following Boston, Kris was able to continue running mostly pain-free.

Kris was looking forward to running the Disney Princess half marathon with a friend.

During the race, she experienced a fluke accident that she is still dealing with ongoing recovery from.

While she was running, the person in front of her stopped suddenly causing Kris to twist her ankle as she stepped to the side.

Immediately Kris knew that something was seriously wrong, but she somehow managed to continue and finish the race.

Three years and three surgeries later and Kris is still recovering from the injury.

October of 2021 was her most recent surgery and doctors weren’t optimistic about Kris returning to running.

Kris was determined to try and she was able to complete a half marathon in the summer of 2022.

Grateful For Every Run

Given the number of injuries Kris has dealt with, she is grateful for every run because nothing is guaranteed.

Though she is able to run, Kris is still taking it slowly.

Her body doesn’t feel normal, yet she remains cautiously optimistic.

Kris continues to explore new avenues of pain relief and is beginning to have some success.

Many people would have given up running when faced with so many obstacles, but Kris finds that her default is to return to the sport.

Being an athlete has been a part of her identity for as long as she can remember.

Running unlocks a feeling of gratitude for each day and Kris will continue to do it until she can’t.

Kris Murner and Her Daughters

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