Lisa Pozzoni Teaches Proper Form To Ensure A Lifetime Of Running

My guest on the show today is most comfortable hanging out in the back of the pack, which is where all the fun happens anyway right?

Lisa Pozzoni

She is a big proponent of good running form and has been a Chi Running instructor for almost a decade.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles today with Lisa Pozzoni.

Made To Move

Lisa ran a bit while growing up, but never competitively on a team.

Even though she didn’t race herself, Lisa did watch her mother embrace the sport.

As an adult, she spent a good amount of time in the corporate world, which left little time for exercise.

A turn of events which led to Lisa being let go from her job ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Lisa had always had a passion for working out and decided to become certified as a personal trainer.

Long distance walking was how Lisa began her journey into running.

In 2008, she began to dabble in running and try to push herself in new ways.

Lisa’s running was hugely impacted both professionally and personally when she received a Chi Running book from a client.

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Trails At Night

While Lisa runs on both trails and roads, the trails are where her heart lies.

Living in Arizona provides the perfect atmosphere for Lisa to do trail runs at night.

The heat of the desert during the day makes the night hours the ideal time for runners to get their miles in.

Trail running at night is much safer to do in groups.

Lisa has found some local train series and casual group runs that take place once the sun goes down.

As a self-proclaimed back of the pack runner, Lisa can often find races with generous cut off times.

It is Lisa’s efficient technique she learned through Chi Running that has allowed her to conserve energy in some longer races.

Lisa Pozzoni Having Fun Near the Back of the Pack

Chi Running

Lisa has been a Chi Running coach for close to a decade.

Over the course of 10 years, she has learned how crucial good form is for longevity in running.

According to Lisa, your form can make or break your running journey.

Typically runners don’t think too much about form until injury strikes and even then the first thing they blame is usually incorrect shoes.

Through her experience, Lisa has found that overstriding and a low cadence can cause multiple lower leg issues.

One of the goals in Chi Running is to keep the body aligned.

Brand new runners are often easier to train because the bad form is not yet ingrained.

Experienced runners can still improve their form, but it may take more patience.

Practice Makes Progression

Chi Running much like anything else takes practice to improve.

Progression will vary and depends upon the person.

The speed comes from perfecting leaning at the ankles and having a relaxed form.

Lisa is a big proponent of trying Chi Running even if you think your form is good.

You don’t know what you don’t know and in running there are always things to be learned and improved upon.

Even if there is only one takeaway that is reason enough to try it.

Lisa is passionate about trying to make running sustainable throughout a runner’s lifetime.

Lisa Pozzoni

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