Listener Q&A: January 2018

Well, well, well. Can you believe it’s already the end of January?

As we kick January to the curb and move on to February, it’s time once again for a little Listener Q&A!

As always, the questions were submitted in the FB group, so without any furth ado, let’s get right to the task at hand!

This Month’s Qs for Me to A

From all your conversations with runners over the years, what is something you think that runners should consider and/or think about?


This one is making me think a bit.

I think one thing that runners should always bear in mind is that there is always someone looking up to you as a runner.

I don’t care if you’re “slow” either. To someone, you’re fast.

So with that in mind, it would be good to remember that we shouldn’t bitch about a bad/slow/terrible run because there are others out there for whom your bad run would be a new PR.

And along the same vane, don’t be afraid to talk about a shitty run on social media.

We all have them, but you’d never know it based on the posts that scroll across your feed on a daily basis.

When training in the winter, it’s almost impossible for me to maintain my pace. Any suggestions.
Taking a Break from Running

Taking a Break from Running

Nothing to worry about here.

Just stick with running by feel and when the weather warms up a bit, then you can dial in your pacing for a spring race.

Do Altras hold up for longer runs? Or mostly just good for the short stuff?

Altras run the gamut!

Whatever distances you run, whatever surfaces you run on, there are Altras that will get you from where you are to where you are going.

I’ve gone 33.3 miles in a pair of mine, and the only thing that wasn’t hurting by the time I finished were my feet.

If you could only give one piece of advice to a new runner, what would it be?

Get comfortable running easy.

Admittedly, I’m all in on HR training at the moment, but the science checks out.

It’s the best way to avoid injury, improve your health, and get faster.

If you’re stuck doing speedwork on a treadmill, can you still get faster?

Of course!

Some workouts aren’t as good on the treadmill, like short and hard repeats, because of the limitations of a treadmill.

But you can absolutely still get a good workout in on a treadmill.

Although, I’d make the argument that you’ll get faster doing all of your runs easy as well…

Just saying

How “clean” does your diet need to be in order to run your best on race day?

It’s a fine line, no question.

A big part of it is just using common sense.

No processed foods. Cut back (or eliminate) the added sugars. Stay well hydrated.

If you do that, you’ll be good.

But the important thing is to do this year round, not just in the few days before your race.

Good health should always be the goal, regardless of where you are in the cycle leading up to a race.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have a treat once in awhile, just aim to make sure that your special occasions truly are special occasions.

When is the book coming?

It’s coming.

No, seriously!

I have about 60 pages left to read through to make final edits, then it’s off to the publisher for the magic to happen.

The process is, finally, nearing an end. I can’t wait to get the books out, and I will as soon as possible!

I Guarantee It

I’m a cold weather wimp. Do I have to run in the winter, or is cross-training sufficient?

You do you boo!

Seriously though, if you don’t want to run in the cold there’s no reason to do it.

Is it going to impact your fitness? Probably a little bit. But as long as you’re being active with cross training activities it shouldn’t be too bad.

Some of your running muscles might take a few weeks to be rebuilt once the spring hits, but that is the tradeoff you have to be willing to make.

As long as you don’t have a big spring race to train for, nothing says you need to suffer if it’s too cold for you.

Any training tips for an older guy coming back to running after 25 years away from the sport?

Honestly, the principals aren’t that different.

Most of your runs should be of the easy variety, but it’s ok to push the envelope on occasion.

Get plenty of rest. Listen to your body. Maybe take a few extra days off.

But as far as getting back into the sport and building toward a longer distance race, there isn’t too much that you would do differently than someone half your age.

Any training tips for first-time marathon runner?

Run easy most of the time.

If you build your base well, you’ll do just fine on race day.

Sure, mix in some speed work here and there. But for the most part, easy miles that increase gradually is the best thing you can do.

Any training tips for long runs in heavy rain?

Yeah, have fun!

I love a good rainy run, provided it’s not like 40 degrees.

The other best piece of advice I can give you is to be extra careful/aware of cars.

Drivers really aren’t expecting pedestrians when it’s pouring out, so don’t be surprised if they seem to be looking right at you but they don’t see you.

I’m coming back after a long injury layoff and basically starting from scratch. Any advice?

Keep it nice and slow.

Running by feel is fine, but when in doubt err on the side of caution.

Listen to your body, maybe start with some run/walk stuff, and over 6-8 weeks you’ll start to feel a bit more like your pre-injury running self.

I’m in a low-intensity, base building phase of my training. I’m thinking about doing some body pump classes (I do need the strength training), is that ok?

Nothing wrong that idea at all.

Getting an “all over” workout or two per week will be great for your health and for running.

I totally approve!

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