Matt Silver Is Sharing His Knowledge of How to Run Pain-Free

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Today’s guest is back for round two, which was inevitable after our first chat.

He is a physical therapist who works primarily with runners, and his first book was just released, which we will cover today.

I look forward to going a few easy miles while catching up with Matt Silver.

Matt Silver

Not Runner Specific

Matt Silver works full-time as a physical therapist who focuses primarily on runners.

Upon graduating from PT school, he realized how little he was taught about runners.

As a new physical therapist, he had a base level of knowledge, but not in-depth information about niche groups of athletes.

Immediately after graduation, Matt accepted a travel job and had essentially given up on running.

He had struggled with chronic injuries for the better part of his time as a runner.

After acquiring the basic knowledge after graduation, Matt began to learn about treating runners by first treating himself.

Matt gained valuable insight from various experts in the field.

His journey to truly understanding what runners need in terms of PT was a slow progression.

An Experiment of One

Matt began his experiment by working on his mobility, which he didn’t learn much about in school.

Over time he added a strength portion to his programming.

In all, it took Matt about 6 months to a year to rehab himself back to being able to run.

His first half post-PT school was without any knee pain.

Matt began to use his newfound knowledge to help other runners enjoy the sport they love without pain.

Runners are seemingly always dealing with various forms of chronic injuries.

Matt thinks it is due to two main reasons, which are load/force on the body and incorrect movement.

Treat Proactively

Generally, bad habits will eventually catch up to most runners in the form of injuries.

The majority of running issues tend to be chronic from overuse.

Running is a sport in which a significant amount of force is put on the body.

One key component to avoiding injury is learning how to control the force/load.

Force/load can be controlled by fixing any issues with how the runner hits the ground.

Another component that contributes to chronic injuries is incorrect gait or movement.

In general, bodies should move in a certain way and injuries often occur when the movement is outside the accepted limits.

Learning the proper running mechanics can go a long way to proactively avoiding injuries.

Built to Run

Matt started his PT business about 4 years ago.

His wife joined in the business as well, focusing primarily on pelvic floor issues.

As the business grew, Matt realized that a book would be the ultimate way to reach more people.

He wanted to put all the information in an easy-to-digest guide that covered a variety of running-related topics.

Matt included everything he had learned over the years in a way that the average person could understand.

His main goal was to write a book with the knowledge he wished he had as a younger injured runner.

Most runners focus solely on training and neglect the steps needed to remain healthy.

Matt always emphasizes that there is no quick fix for most running-related injuries.

Book by Matt Silver

Mobility- An All-Inclusive Term

Mobility, flexibility, and range of motion are all uniquely different terms, and they are all important to a runner’s health.

Range of motion is the physiological range of a joint that is considered normal for most people.

Flexibility is the muscle’s ability to stretch within a normal range.

Lastly, mobility is an all-inclusive term that both flexibility and range of motion are lumped into.

Matt has learned over the years that tissue quality cannot be overlooked either.

Tissue that has knots and doesn’t fully contract often leads to injuries.

Mobility and all that goes along with it are critical for a lifetime of pain-free running.

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