QT: 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Training for Your Next Race

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In case you weren’t aware, fall race season isn’t too far away.

As a matter of fact, it is true.

Don’t believe me? Might want to double-check your calendar.

If you’ve got a goal race planned for this fall, here are a few things to keep in mind as race day gets closer.

3 Things to Keep in Mind While Training for Your Next Race

When it comes to training for your next race, there are very few rules that must be followed.

No matter what the details are of your current situation, I’d encourage you to keep the following tips in mind while training for your next race.

Nothing is Set in Stone

This is something I’ve been talking about for a long time, and I’m not planning on changing course any time soon.

When training for your next race, nothing is set in stone.

Over the course of a multi-month training plan, you’re almost certainly going to need to flex something.

Skip a run. Switch days. Adjust a workout.

Life is going to life, always.

Having a solid training plan and doing your best to stick with it is a good idea, obviously.

But when life happens and you’re stressed out about the potential of missing a run here or there, remember that nothing is set in stone.

Adjust as needed, and move on.

Under Training > Over Trained

This bit of advice can be a tough pill for many of us to swallow.

That said, it doesn’t make it any less true.


Obviously, there is a certain amount of training that you would be wise to do in the lead up to your next race.

But at a certain point, doing more does you no favors.

Where is the line between undertrained, properly trained, and overtrained?

That is an Excellent Question

That’s basically an impossible question to answer.

But if you find yourself with the urge to do more, especially as race day approaches, keep this tip in mind.

You’re more likely to have a better race by showing up slightly undertrained than if you toe the line overtrained.

Long Runs and Races are Not the Same

If you’ve been around the running world long enough you’ve heard the old “never do anything new on race day” adage.

My take on that thought?

Yes, your long runs can absolutely help you know what to expect on race day.

But the fact is, long runs and race days are not the same things.

As such, realize that what works in training may not be what works for you during the race.

And if that means trying something new on race day, so be it.

Last But Not Least

Hands down, the most important thing to keep in mind when training for your next race is to do what you need to do.

Running is a great tool for connecting with others and forming community, but at its core, it’s a solo endeavor.

Don’t ever hesitate to do what you need to do.

Do It

As an example, maybe you would feel more comfortable in the lead-up for a marathon running an S&G 26.2 a few weeks before the marathon.

You won’t find many coaches that would embrace this idea, but so what.

You do you.

Or maybe you’re used to running with a hydration pack and want to wear it on race day, but you’re worried you might be the only one.

As long as the race doesn’t have rules against such things, wear the damn pack.

You do you.

Or maybe you really disagree with one, or all, of my previous tips.

That’s cool, disregard said tip and carry on.

You do you.

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