QT: Trust the Process and the Results Will Come

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Few tasks in life can’t be broken down into a series of steps.

A leads to B, which then leads to C.

As long as you trust the process, and continue to do the required work, you’ll get to your goal.

Running Isn’t Any Different

When it comes to you and your running goals, a similar path to success exists.

Whatever your running goals may be, you can work backward from your goal to where you are today to uncover the necessary steps to success.

With the steps identified, the path to success becomes clear.

Why then, do many runners struggle to stay the course and crush their goals?

That is an Excellent Question

Easier Said Than Done

If only success was as simple as “do this, don’t do that.”

Identifying the steps to success is important, but that’s not enough to guarantee success.

First and foremost, you need to actually do the work to move from one step to the next.

But even a rock-solid commitment to doing the work isn’t enough to guarantee success.

Here are a few other common stumbling blocks, perhaps one (or more) sound familiar:

  • Impatience

Running 80/20 Requires Patience

Making progress as a runner takes time.

The longer you’ve been running consistently, and the loftier your goals become, the slower the rate of progress becomes.

Humans in general, which includes us runners, aren’t known for being the most patient creatures.

We know what we want, and we know when we want it.

So while we might have a great step-by-step blueprint to follow, a lack of patience can trip us up.

Trying to take the steps two or three at a time can work on a proper stairwell, but you’re not trying to get to the second floor.

Stay patient and trust the process, taking it one step at a time.

  • Life

Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying that life happens to all of us on occasion.

Injuries. Work stuff. Having babies. Moving.

Some life disturbances can be seen well off and more or less taken in stride.

Others are random rogue waves that throw your world upside down with no advanced warning.

Either way, depending on the severity of life happening you may be knocked back a step or two.

You may end up back at square one.

Shoot, you may find yourself completely cut adrift and no longer desiring the goal that you were working toward.

  • Shiny Objects

Life is an issue that almost every runner will have to contend with at some point.

It’s simply unavoidable.

But another common obstacle to success, maybe the most common, is almost entirely self-inflicted.

Too often, runners get distracted by the next thing before they even achieve their current goal.

A race opportunity. Runcation. Run streak. Revolutionary training philosophy.


In theory, doing the work to achieve one running goal moves you closer to all running goals, not all progress runs in parallel.

Trust the Process

If you’re going to invest the time and effort into chunking down your path to success into a step-by-step process, do yourself a favor and trust the process.


I know this is much easier said than done, but it works.

And to be clear, just because you trust the process and take the necessary actions, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be nothing but smooth sailing.

Life will still happen.

You might have a race that is more dumpster fire than raging success.

That sucks, obviously.

But it doesn’t mean what you’re doing isn’t working or that your plan is shit.

Keep on keeping on, and trust the process.

Will you ever need to tweak the process?

A few tweaks doesn’t mean that the whole process is bad or that it’s not working.

It just means that you didn’t get it perfectly right from the beginning.

Adjust as needed, then get back to it.

Trust the process, do the work, and the expected progress is likely to follow.

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Do You Struggle to Trust the Process in Your Training? Why or Why Not?

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