Quick Tip–Group Run Etiquette and Rules of the Road

When I have my choice, I love being a part of a group run. Getting a group of running friends together always pushes me to run farther or faster than I would on my own, whether it’s a speed workout, tempo run, or long run.

I love the group that I run with, and am really itching to get back out with them soon since I’ve missed them a lot since the baby was born.

But anytime you get a number of people together for a group run, you wind up with a set of issues that you don’t have to deal with when running by yourself or with just one or two others.

Each group is likely going to have their own set of “rules” for the group, but it’s important that everyone participating in the group run are on the same page regarding a number of issues that may come up from time to time.

The Dynamics of the Group Run

Potential Issues with a Group Run

  • Pacing–Are all members of the group expected to maintain the same or similar pace for each workout? Or will the group spread out, especially during tempo and long runs?
  • Stragglers–If there is someone that can’t keep up with the group for that particular day, how does the group respond? According to Mark Remy and Rule 1.23 in his book The Runner’s Rule Book, you should never leave a runner behind. Of course, rule 1.24 says you should never slow down the group and should always insist the group to continue ahead (provided you know the way back and feel safe), so who knows. Whatever your group decides, it’s important to know how this situation will play out before any group run.
  • Regrouping–Are there points along the way where the group reconnects before continuing? In our group, this usually happens around water fountains.

These are just 3 of the potential issues that can come up during a group run.

I’ll address these issues, a few more, and talk about potential solutions in today’s quick tip podcast episode which you can listen to by pressing the play button below!

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