5 of the Best Non-Running Running Movies

When you think about your favorite running movies, what are the first titles that pop in your head?

Chariots of Fire?

McFarland USA?

Spirit of the Marathon?

All fine choices, to be sure, but none of them crack my top 5.

Honestly, the first 5 running movies that pop into my head aren’t even running movies.

My 5 favorite running movies are just regular movies that have a scene or two dedicated to running.

But when I think of these movies, for some reason, the scenes I come immediately to mind have to do with running. So I guess that makes them running movies to me!

My 5 Favorite Non-Running Running Movies

Non-Running Running Movie Dumb and Dumber

  • Dumb & Dumber: I haven’t watched this movie in probably 20 years, yet I still bet I could quote about 90% of it. That’s how much I watched it as a kid. And the scene where Lloyd is riding shotgun in the van, pumping his arms really fast, and envisioning himself running at “an incredible rate” is priceless. For the record, pumping your arms at highway speed doesn’t really make you feel like you’re running fast. Or so I’ve been told….
Non-Running Running Movie Old School

You’re Welcome

  • Old School: As a fraternity guy, this movie is equal parts hilarity and ridiculous at the same time. That said, a drunk Will Farrell declaring that we are going streaking is funny every time. And him running down the street with his naked ass showing is disturbingly hilarious as well. But any time I hear of a run streak, all I can think about is this movie and Frank the Tank doing his thing.

Non-Running Running Movie Home Alone

  • Home Alone: Easily my favorite Christmas movie. This movie has never once disappointed me, except for the fact that I couldn’t be Kevin Mcallister as a kid. Why is this movie on the list? Simple. When the family is running through the airport to catch their flight and Run, Run Rudolph is playing–classic.
Non-Running Running Movie Home Alone

That Beard Tho…

  • Forrest Gump: If I had a dollar for every time someone said “Run Forrest!” while I was running, I’d have a lot of dollars. I wouldn’t be able to retire, but I could probably take the wife to a nice dinner, pay for the babysitter, and still have a few bucks left over. Honestly, people yelling “Run Forrest” is annoying enough that I’d probably hate this movie if it wasn’t such an amazing movie.

Non-Running Running Movie Zombieland

  • Zombieland: I don’t care about zombies at all. I really don’t. But I love this movie! There is so much comedy in Zombieland that I could watch it any time, and place. Provided it’s not on TV, cause this movie definitely loses a lot if you take the cursing and “adult content” out of this R-rated gem. Seriously though, zombies aren’t fast so as long as you keep up with cardio (see Rule #1) you’ve got a pretty solid chance of surviving Zombieland.

I used to be real big movie guy, but as you can probably guess from this list it’s been a little while since I’ve seen many new movies.

That said, these movies will never get old. At least not to me.

What are your Top 5 non-running running movies? Check out my choices! Share on X

What am I Missing? What are Your Favorite Non-Running Running Movies? Let Me Know Below!

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