Fellow Runners Offer Their Running Resolutions for 2015

If you’ve been paying attention for the past few days, it’s pretty clear that I’m a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you want to call them resolutions or goals for the year, I love making big plans for myself and being able to see how much my hard work and consistent effort can accomplish over a period of weeks and months.

When I talk about my goals and plans for 2015, I hope that I’m able to inspire others to set big goals for themselves and then do whatever it takes to achieve them by the end of the year.

I’m not the only runner in the world that has goals for 2015 that are capable of inspiring action in others. I asked a number of running friends of mine to share their goals for their running this year, and I was floored by the response.

Runners Share Their Running Resolutions for 2015

Running Resolutions for 2015

I’m excited to share the running resolutions of the following individuals with you on today’s episode of the podcast, which has the feel of a group run. I hope that you’ll find as much inspiration from what these amazing men and women are doing in 2015 as I have.

  • Patty Post–Runner, Entrepreneur, Founder Sweathouse Brands
    • 2015 Goals–Running 1st Marathon (Grandma’s Marathon in June)
  • Jen Lefforge–Runner, Mom, Pastor, Blogger at RunningPastorMom.com
    • 2015 Goals–Add Strength Training to Running for More Well Rounded Physical Fitness
  • Sarah Spear–Runner, Mom, Host of The Parentalist Podcast at TheParentalist.com
    • 2015 Goals–Possibly Running 3 Marathons, Setting a New PR in the Marathon
  • Andy Cloud–Runner, Family Man
    • 2015 Goals–Run 1st Marathon Under 4 hrs, Help New Runners in Church Running Group, Raise Funds for Peterson Outdoor Ministries by Organizing a Local 5k.
  • Nicki Conroy–Runner, Mother, Freelancer, Blogger at NickisNook.net
    • 2015 Goals–Run 1500 Miles While Staying Injury Free
  • Rebekah Krahe–Runner, My Wife (Bless Her Heart), Mother
    • 2015 Goals–Getting Back to Into Running After Having a Baby, Run 2 Half Marathons
  • Kate in New Mexico–Runner, Blogger at K8inNM.com
    • 2015 Goals–PR in Half Marathon, Run & PR at the Marine Corps Marathon Again, Maybe a Run Streak?
  • Caitlin–Runner, Mom, Blogger and Co-Creator at MyActiveParents.com
    • 2015 Goals–Get Back in Shape After Having a Baby, Complete a Full and Qualify for Boston
  • Bill Culver–Runner, Overachiever, Great Guy, Blogger at RillaRuns.wordpress.com
    • 2015 Goals–Run 1600 Miles, Sub-1:40 Half, Sub-6:30 Mile, Sub-22:00 5k, Sub-47:00 10k, Sub-4 hr Marathon
  • Tim Nichols–Runner, USAF Veteran, Craft Beer Fanatic, Entrepreneur, Blogger and Podcast Host at BrewingBusinessPC.com
    • 2015 Goals–Improve Race Pace in 5k and 10k to 6:30/mile
  • Bang–Runner, Inspiration to Others, Half-Fanatic, Blogger at RunBangRun.blogspot.com
    • 2015 Goals–Get Faster with PRs in the 5k and Half Marathon
  • Sara Ahern–Runner, Outdoor Enthusiast, @saraahern2 on the Twitter
    • 2015 Goals–Sub-2 hr Half Marathon
  • Kristianne Wargo–Runner, Life Coach at CreateYourNow.com
    • 2015 Goals–Run 26.2 Miles per Week
  • Mike Bauman–Runner, Fan of Sarcasm, @mbfgmike on the Twitter
    • 2015 Goals–Sub-2 hr Half Marathon
  • Lisa McAdams–Runner, Speaker, Life Coach at LisaMcAdams.com
    • 2015 Goals–Run London and Singapor Marathon
  • Becky Stacey–Runner, Mom
    • 2015 Goals–Get Back to Running Injury Free, Improve 10k Time
  • Pete Kresock–Runner, Limit Pusher, Blogger at RunningTheGorges.blogspot.com
    • 2015 Goals–Finish a 100 mile Race, Get the Belt Buckle for Finishing in Less Than 24 hrs
  • Angela Murphy–Runner, Mom, Sole Sister
    • 2015 Goals–2 Full Marathons, Keep Running Injury Free, Recruit/Encourage New Runners
  • Paxton Bennett–Runner, Future Blogger
    • 2015 Goals–Sub-2:20 800 meters, Sub-5:30 mile, 5k and 10k PRs, Sub-2:55 Marathon
  • Steph–Runner, Cupcake Lover, Bling Chaser, Blogger at GooberMonkey.com
  • Bethany Borden–Runner, Entrepreneur, Future Podcaster at OuthouseGames.org
    • 2015 Goals–Running 5 Mornings per Week to Help Organize Thoughts, Run a 4 Mile Loop Without Stopping to Walk

If you haven’t come up with your running resolutions for 2015 yet, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re new to running, or have been running for years, I really feel like there is power in having a long-term goal to work toward.

A big thanks to everyone that joined me on the run today! You guys are awesome, and if I can help with anything in 2015, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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