Sam Gibbons Is Embracing It All in Endurance Sports

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Today’s guest was on the show recently, but we had so much to chat about that we decided to schedule round two.

He has been quite busy since our last conversation, between running another marathon and training for his next big goal.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Sam Gibbons!

Sam Gibbons (Left)


Purist Marathon

Sam Gibbons has completed 3 marathons, but his most recent one was a unique format compared to London and Paris.

This marathon was a casual event that Sam organized one month beforehand.

It took place in a nearby park and he invited local friends to cheer and run with him.

Covering 26.2 miles in the park required Sam to run over 15 laps of the same loop.

The event didn’t have the same fanfare and excitement as the bigger races that he has done, but there were some benefits.

Easily accessing a bathroom without thousands of other runners was one big perk.

Sam referred to the run as a “purist marathon,” it was all about the running.

Sam Gibbons Post Park Run Marathon

No Time Is Ever Wasted

In the past few years, Sam had gotten into coaching.

He began doing it full-time in November of 2023 but quickly found that it did not provide the required income.

Sam has since transitioned into a more traditional job, but he is still doing some coaching on the side.

He doesn’t consider the time he spent coaching full-time a waste.

No time is ever wasted, according to Sam, and there are always things to learn.

Sam has learned that consistency is often the key to most things in life.

Tri-ing Something New

Sam is currently in the middle of training for an IronMan Triathlon.

The IronMan will take place in Copenhagen on August 18th of this year.

He doesn’t have a long history of cycling or swimming, but he wanted to push himself with something new.

The triathlon world is quite different from the running scene and a lot more expensive.

Training for three different disciplines requires a lot more time.

More time training also means Sam needed to dedicate more time to recovery.

Sam prioritizes sleep, limits alcohol, and fuels his body with needed calories.

His overall fitness has increased without as much breakdown that would come from running alone.

World’s Toughest Row

Completing an IronMan isn’t the only big goal coming up for Sam.

Sam and three of his friends plan to compete in the World’s Toughest Row in December 2025.

The race begins in the Canary Islands traveling 3,000 miles across the Atlantic and ends in Antigua.

It is a non-stop row with two people rowing at all times.

All the training Sam has done will serve him well as he begins training for his next adventure.

He and his teammates are raising funds for MSA Trust & Cure Parkinson’s.

Sam Gibbons

Sports and Life Crossover

Sam has a newsletter that he updates once a week that covers fitness, life, and updates.

He has learned a lot from training through the years and is sharing his knowledge with others.

Sam has found that endurance sports translate to everyday life.

All the attributes that will make someone a successful athlete will also make you successful in life.

Consistency and progress come from doing hard things especially when you don’t want to.

Experience is crucial because it’s important to know when you should push or rest.

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