Steady Progress Leads to the Results You Want

Three weeks into 2015, how are you doing with your goals/resolutions for the year?

If you’re like me, you’re working on some big things this year, and three weeks is barely enough time to put  a dent into any of them. The fact that so little progress has been made to date could be seen as frustrating if I wasn’t fully committed to the task at hand.

Make Steady Progress

No wonder so many resolutions struggle to make it past the three week mark.

Success Requires Steady Progress

If you’re serious about achieving something big in 2015, you’ve got to keep the big picture in mind in order to be successful.

Big goals won’t be achieved overnight, and you’ll never get anywhere if you give up too early in the process. The problem, however, is that staying the course is hard.

Real hard.

And when the payoff is months away, it can be difficult to maintain your motivation.

But it will be worth it.

It’s All About the Big Picture

If you have a big goal for the quarter, or the year, or the decade, or whatever, steady progress is the only way you can be successful. And while steady progress can be difficult in the early stages, once you get the momentum going, it tends to get a lot easier.

For those of us still in the early stages of our 2015 goals, keeping the big picture in mind makes it easier to keep making progress on a daily basis. For me, each of my goals this year have big picture ramifications in one or more areas of my life–running, business, personal development, and family.

And it is these big picture reasons that I’m able to keep making steady progress.

Take this blog post as an example.

One of my goals for the year is to have some type of new content on the blog every day. If at the end of the year I have 365 pieces of original content, that will be pretty awesome. However, my motivation isn’t to be able to say that I’ve posted something new each day. My motivation is that 365 new posts will help me grow my business as a run coach and as a public speaker, and how that growth will impact some of the big picture goals my wife and I have for how we want to raise our daughter and live as a family.

You know what helps me write a post, shoot a video, or record a podcast every day? It’s not that target of being a perfect 365 for 365 on December 31st, I can promise you that.

Make Some Progress Today

Steady ProgressWhatever your goals are, you need to make some progress on them today.

No amount of progress is too small to matter.

Move the needle a little bit today, and move it a little more tomorrow.

It’s amazing what that consistent effort can do over a period of weeks/months/years.

Steady progress is a powerful thing, but only if you keep making it.

So let’s take another step today.

If you have a goal that I can help you make stead progress on, please let me know as I would love to help out in whatever way possible!

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