Suzy Goodwin Has an Ever-Evolving Relationship with Running

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Today’s guest is a lady who is a massive ambassador for the sport of running.

One topic that we have to discuss is the Guinness World Record she set back in 2016.

I look forward to going a few easy miles with Suzy Goodwin today!

Suzy Goodwin


When asked about her favorite distance to race, Suzy Goodwin didn’t hesitate to answer with the marathon.

She has completed 71 and always has a “gut check” before each one.

At some point in every marathon, Suzy has to make a conscious decision to keep going when it gets hard.

According to Suzy, the marathon builds resilience.

The resilience she builds makes it easier for her to muster the courage to push through when the hard happens again.

Her journey with running began when she signed up for cross country in high school.

Marathon Curiosity

While in college, Suzy drank and partied while exercise was put on the back burner.

During her junior year, a friend in her dorm was training for a marathon.

Suzy was intrigued enough that the following year she decided to join her friend.

The friend was both a training partner and mentor to Suzy.

Suzy loved everything about the marathon from the training to the actual race.

She quickly became an ambassador for the sport she fell in love with.

A Welcoming Community

The first job Suzy took after college required extensive travel.

Her decision to continue to train for and run marathons was based partly on her travel schedule.

Suzy was frequently in cities she wasn’t familiar with.

Running gave her a way to explore the area while also meeting others in the running community.

During her time traveling, she ran marathons two through five.

The decision to complete a marathon in all 50 states came somewhat accidentally.

After completing her tenth marathon, a friend mentioned the 50 states club.

It just happened that all ten marathons Suzy had completed at that point had all been in different states.

50 States Club

Suzy only has four more states to run in to complete a marathon in all 50 states.

Her husband was in the military for 20 years and the frequent moving made running in each state easier.

The most memorable marathon Suzy has completed was the Run with the Horses Marathon, in Wyoming.

She has gotten progressively faster over the years, but one of her proudest races is also one of her slowest times.

Her first marathon took her over five hours, yet the pride she felt when she crossed the finish line was life-changing.

She has been running for 21 years and her most recent marathon PR is 3:20.

Training slow, consistency, and strength training is a big part of what has contributed to her resiliency in the sport.

Suzy Goodwin


Crossfit first entered Suzy’s life while she was living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

She had been running marathons for about 8 years, but the less-than-ideal winter weather didn’t always support outdoor runs.

Her husband suggested trying CrossFit as a way to supplement her running.

Suzy now admits that if her running times suffered she likely would have quit the gym.

The opposite happened and she got fast enough to earn a Boston qualifying time after many failed attempts.

The benefits of Crossfit couldn’t be denied.

Suzy gained a supportive community, got faster, and injury-proofed herself.

The People’s Olympics

Suzy has run six Boston marathons so far with her seventh one coming up this April.

In her experience, Boston is the equivalent of the Olympics for the average person.

Along with completing numerous Boston’s, Suzy has also ventured into the ultra world.

She has run a handful of 50k, 50-mile, and 100-mile races.

Her first 100-mile race took place in her neighborhood due to the original race being canceled in March of 2020.

She wouldn’t recommend that experience and since then has completed 100 miles in person rather than virtually.

The ultra scene is completely different than road races.

Suzy never sets time goals with 100-mile races and breaks each race down into 10-mile segments.

Guinness World Record

Suzy never planned on going for a Guinness World Record, but she came across an opportunity and went for it.

She had triplets who spent the first two months of their lives in the NICU.

To celebrate the year anniversary of coming home from the NICU, Suzy wanted to do something big to mark the occasion.

She had recently won a local 5k while pushing her triplets in a stroller.

A friend suggested that Suzy try to go for the Guinness World Record pushing 3 kids in a stroller for a half marathon.

Suzy decided to combine fundraising for the NICU with her goal of getting the Guinness World Record.

She had to run 2:15 or under to obtain the record, so she began training, often while pushing sandbags in a stroller.

Suzy achieved her goals of obtaining the Guinness World Record and also raising over $6k for the NICU.

Suzy Goodwin

Prioritizing Fitness as a Family

Both Suzy and her husband are active and have always prioritized fitness.

Their four kids have seen the emphasis that their family puts on staying active.

Currenly, only one of their children loves to run.

Suzy never pressures her other kids to become runners.

Her only hope is that each of her children find a sport they will love and stick with for a lifetime.

Running has been great for Suzy over the years because the sport has always met her where she’s at in life.

The sport has grown with her and met her where she needs to be.

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