The Cheap Athlete Balances Financial Frugality and a Passion for Running

Today I’m going a few easy miles with one of the most frugal runners I have met.

The Cheap Athlete Himself

He embraces his frugality fully, to the point where he goes by the moniker of cheap athlete online.

C.A. is a serious athlete though. He is an Ironman, Boston Marathon Qualifier, former Division I swimmer, and a daily bike commuter.

Seriously, it just made “cents” to bring him on the show today. hehe Read more

November Project, Co-Founded by Brogan Graham

Brogan Graham Helped Spark a Movement That is Spreading World Wide

Today I’m going a few easy miles with November Project co-founder Brogan Graham.

Brogan Graham: No Comments Needed

Brogan Graham: No Comments Needed!

This chat was all over the place, starting off with a disclaimer about weed whackers and the pop of a La Croix can.

But we found our groove before too long, I promise!

Brogan Graham: Marathon Crasher

Brogan definitely grew up as an athlete.

He had the goal of becoming a professional basketball player in his younger days, but his senior year of high school he stopped playing basketball and started rowing competitively. That switch in sports earned him a scholarship to row collegiately at Northeastern, which was quite fortuitous.

While Brogan was in college, he worked part time for a moving company that does a lot of moving of barricades and bleachers and whatever else for the Boston Marathon. The moving company received a few bibs for folks that might be interested in running the race (without having to qualify), and Brogan got one of those bibs and ran his first marathon as the Boston Marathon.

Once he got to the starting area in Hopkinton, he realized that he basically crashed the party by running a race that he wasn’t “invited” to.

He has run Boston a couple of other times, by qualifying, so he has seen Boston from a couple of different perspectives.

November Project

The seeds of the November Project were planted when Brogan and Bojan made a bet with each other to find out whether they could work out each morning for a month outside no matter what the weather did.

Little did they know, that bet would propel a movement.

November Project, Co-Founded by Brogan Graham

Talking with Brogan, you can hear the passion for November Project in his voice. We talked a lot about some of the early days of the November Project, and how it provides something for everyone no matter their fitness level.

We also talked about how November Project helped with the healing process after the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013.

Why Runners Should Consider Working Out with November Project

There is no question in my mind that cross training is beneficial to runners.

Look at any of the best runners in the world, whether they are running long distances or not, they do much more than just run.

Yet many of us recreational runners look at their weekly mileage figures and think that is what we need to emulate in order to reach our running goals.

Brogan points out, and I agree with him completely, that we will actually perform better (and probably have more fun) if we make sure to do some other training besides running.

'Athletes do well at marathons.' Wise words from @nov_project co-founder Brogan Graham. #runchat Share on X

It All Comes Back to One Word: Community

In our fast paced world, we loose sight of the fact that we as people need to be around each other.

And that sense of community is something that is central to November Project.

It’s one thing to connect with people online/via social media, but there is nothing like a hug to instill that community.

That is what November Project really does, it brings people together and builds community.

And in this fast paced world in which we live, that is something that we need more of.

The November Project Book

The November Project Book

Talking with @ArgoBetts about @nov_project, crashing @bostonmarathon, and more! Share on X

If you want to learn more about the November Project, check out the website and connect with November Project on Twitter and/or Instagram.

You can also buy the November Project book, if you’re so inclined!

To connect with Brogan, find him on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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Tyler McCandless

Diz Runs With… Tyler McCandless

The 2016 Olympics are the goal of Tyler McCandless. Yet he has found more success as a runner as he has focused less on running and more on some of his other endeavors.

Tyler McCandless

Tyler McCandless

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A Running Coach Without the Title

Does a running coach NEED to be RRCA certified?


This is a question I’ve been kicking around in my head for some time now.

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Diz Runs With… Sarah Stanley


On today’s show, I am joined by endurance athlete and nutrition aficionado Sarah Stanley.

Sarah Stanley

If you don’t know who Sarah is, you really need to check her out. She has a passion for running and cycling, but she also has a passion for helping others. She has run races to raise awareness and funds for some great causes and is always willing to help out anyone who has questions about health, wellness, and nutrition.

Here are a few highlights of the conversation we had on our run:

  • A 36 mile training run without bringing adequate provisions.
  • A 100 mile run to raise awareness for the Blood:Water mission.
  • Busting popular runner myths, such as pre-race carb loading, mid-race sports drinks, and chocolate milk as a post-race recovery drink.
  • “Runners can be some of the most unhealthy people.”

Whether you would consider yourself a serious runner or not, there is no question that the food you eat is vitally important.

Sarah’s passion for health and nutrition is on full display over the course of our run, and it’s amazing how much information we packed into this brief conversation. If you’d like to learn more about the role that your food plays in your health, there are a variety of ways that you can connect with Sarah and pick up some of the bits of wisdom that she so freely shares.

Website-Sarah Stanley Inspired, and make sure you sign up for her newsletter. It’s well worth it.


And if you’re on Twitter on Thursday evenings at 8 EST, make sure you check out #wellnesschat.

Do me a favor and send Sarah a quick tweet to let her know what your biggest takeaway has been from listening to her on the show.

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