My Year of Running Dangerously by Tom Foreman

Tom Foreman Has Some Great Tips for Balancing Running and Life (Best Of)

Today we are taking a little trip down memory lane, and reliving my chat with Tom Foreman.

When this episode first aired back in October of 2015, I had many people tell me that they loved this episode.

If you haven’t caught this episode before, enjoy! And if you’ve been listening since Tom and I chatted back in the day, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I have.

The Allure of the Peculiar

Since getting back into running a few years before our chat, Tom has run a lot of different races. And some of his favorite races, at least at the moment, are the “odd” ones.

Tom Foreman

Tom Foreman Hitting the Trails

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Ras Vaughan is the epitome of an ultrapedestrian!

Ras Vaughan is THE Ultrapedestrian (Best Of)

I wasn’t planning on doing another “Best Of” Episode this year, but Kathy and Ras Vaughan just finished another epic adventure yesterday, and I wanted to honor their FKT of an Arizona Trail Yo-Yo by re-releasing this chat I had with Ras earlier this year.


And Ras and Kathy–Congrats! You two are awesome!

In the world of ultramarathoning, there are those that run/race hard and there are those that simply embrace the challenge.

And then there is Ras Vaughan.

Ras Vaughan is the epitome of an ultrapedestrian!

Ras Vaughan, Photo by Kathy Vaughan

Ultrapedestrian Ras is a pioneer in the ultra/backpacking/thru-hiking world. He is the holder of many OKTs, or only known times, and is always looking for new ways to do run/hike a trail/distance/event that has never been done before.

Ras has completed a number of epic events, some official events and some that were organized on his own, and he continues to look for ways to do the unthinkable. We talked about some of his past achievements, future plans, and how it all got started on today’s episode.  Read more

Olympian and American Record Holder Molly Huddle (Best Of)

Molly Huddle originally joined me for a chat back in Episode 33.

She was the first professional track athlete to join me on the show, and I’ve enjoyed going back and listening to this episode a couple of times. When I was thinking of which episodes to include in the list of Best Of episodes, this chat with Molly was one of the first to make the cut.

Molly Huddle, American Record

Molly Huddle

In college, she was a 10 time All-American. Since turning pro, she’s competed in races in Europe and represented the United States at various international meets, including the 2012 Olympics. And earlier this summer, improved upon her own personal best and American record time in the 5,000 meters in a time of 14:42:64. Read more

Charlie Engle Talks About Ultra Running & the Benefits of Sleep/Regular Yoga for Recovery (Best Of)

On today’s run, I’m joining ultra marathoner Charlie Engle for a few easy miles.

Charlie Engle

Charlie Engle

Charlie’s story is an almost unbelievable combination of highs and lows in both running and life. I could have talked with him for another couple of hours, but in our short time together we still managed to cover some areas of his life in pretty good detail.

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Dane Rauschenberg

Dane Rauschenberg Found Running Later than Most (Best Of)

Dane Rauschenberg didn’t start running until his mid 20s, but he has definitely made up for lost time!

Dane Rauschenberg

Dane Rauschenberg

Dane started running in law school, in an attempt to try and lose a few of the extra pounds that had built up over his college years. But since starting, he has barely stopped long enough to catch his breath!

As we take this trip down memory lane (this chat with Dane was from Episode 007, which was originally released on 7/13/2014) I had honestly forgotten how crazy of a story Dane has about his running career.

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Thanks to Bombas for Sponsoring Today’s Show. Click Image to Save 20% on Your Order!

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