Lauren Seserko Knows a Positive Mindset Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I am going a few easy miles today with my guest Lauren Seserko.

Lauren Seserko

Lauren is a self-proclaimed foodie and science nerd that is also a health and fitness nut.

With so many topics she is passionate about, Lauren shares her knowledge and opinions with the masses through blogging.  Read more

Susie Lemmer Selfie

Susie Lemmer On Dealing with Life’s Curveballs and the Lessons She has Learned

Today I’m catching up with a fellow running coach, prolific blogger, soon to be mommy, and friend Susie Lemmer.

Susie Lemmer Selfie

Susie Lemmer

She is sharing her infertility struggles she has encountered, past and present injuries, dealing with a chronic disease and how it all relates to running.

Read more

Christina K

Christina K has Learned a lot in Her Short Time as a Runner, and the Lessons Keep Coming!

My guest today, Christina K, describes herself as a daily blogger, sober runner, and mental shit stirrer.

Christina K

Christina K, Running Golden Gate

Clearly, we will have no shortage of things to talk about today!

Going Sober

When Christina started running, drinking was a regular part of her regular routine.

But at a certain point, she realized the need to make a change in her lifestyle and focus more on living a healthy life.

The result: sobriety and a fondness for running.

Christina also pointed out that she doesn’t feel as though she traded one addiction (alcohol) for another (running), though she can definitely see how some could become addicted to our sport.

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Preparing for Her First Marathon

Later this fall, Christina will be running her first marathon at CIM.

Training for a marathon, as anyone that has run the distance in the past is aware, has been burdensome.

But Christina feels like things have been going well and she has been dedicated to getting her miles in.

A big reason that her training has been going so well? Her husband has been more than willing to step up his parenting in order to allow her to get out for those long runs.

Running a marathon may be a solo endeavor, but it definitely helps to have some support along the way!

Christina K, Family First

For Christina K, It’s ALWAYS Family First

If you’d like to connect with Christina, head over to her blog and/or say hi to her on Twitter!

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Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks Has Been Blogging at Run to the Finish For a Decade

Today I’m running a few miles with a runner that is one of the OGs in the online running community.

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks

Her blog is packed with thousands of posts, and if you look hard enough you might find my guest post I wrote awhile back about recovering from a stress fracture.

I’m excited to catch up with one of my favorite run bloggers, Amanda Brooks, today! Read more

Sandra Laflamme

Between Training, Blogging, and Mom-ing, Sandra Laflamme is Always on the Go!

Today I’m running with Sandra Laflamme, who is a woman that refuses to sit still for long!

Sandra Laflamme

Sandra Laflamme

Sandra is always on the go, whether she’s running or triathlon training, other physical activities, running a great blog, chasing her kids around, and working on the family business.

Trying the Triathlon

While dealing with an injury that kept her from running, Sandra found herself in the pool and on the bike in order to stay active and maintain her fitness when she couldn’t run. Read more