Dane Rauschenberg has Done His Research on the Best Races Around

Today I am going a few easy miles with Dane Rauschenberg.

Dane Rauschenberg

We first spoke three years ago and this will be his third time on the show.

A lot has happened since we last spoke including the publication of his most recent book.

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Mackenzie Havey and Her Pup

Mackenzie Havey has Written the Book on Mindful Running–Literally!

Today on the show, I’m going a few easy miles with Mackenzie Havey.

Mackenzie Havey

Mackenzie Havey

Mackenzie is a 14-time marathoner, Ironman finisher, and has been writing professionally for a number of years. Her articles have been featured in a number of magazines, both online and print, and I’d be shocked if you haven’t read at least a few of her pieces at some point in the past few years.

She’s also the author of the recently released book, Mindful Running, which is a topic you know I can’t get enough of around here! Read more

Awesome sauce

The Wait is Almost Over… Are You Ready! Be Ready on Race Day Preview

You know that book I’ve been writing for the past few months?

Yeah, it’s almost ready to go!

Today I’m interrupting our normal schedule of interviews with other runners to share a bit about the book, why I wrote it, who it’s for, and how you can pre-order the book with a bunch of extra goodies right now.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Be Ready on Race Day

If there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s one size fits all.

If you honestly believe that one size fits all, I’ve got two words for you:

you're wrong

Sorry to offend, but it’s true.

One size has never, and will never, fit all.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about training plans, philosophies, religions, diets, preferred television shows, or anything else, one size does not fit all.

Yet, for whatever reason, all of the books that are out there when it comes to helping runners prepare for races always have a generic training plan designed for no one in particular.

And it drives me fracking crazy!

Crazy Yakko

So I decided to do something about it, and Be Ready on Race Day was born.

Be Ready on Race Day Preview

Want to hear a bit more about the book and hear the first chapter? Simply click play above!

And if you’d like to go ahead and order yourself a copy of the book, get on it!

Just click here, and get yourself a copy! (And if you want, I’ll even sign it for you!)

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My Year of Running Dangerously by Tom Foreman

Tom Foreman Has Some Great Tips for Balancing Running and Life (Best Of)

Today we are taking a little trip down memory lane, and reliving my chat with Tom Foreman.

When this episode first aired back in October of 2015, I had many people tell me that they loved this episode.

If you haven’t caught this episode before, enjoy! And if you’ve been listening since Tom and I chatted back in the day, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I have.

The Allure of the Peculiar

Since getting back into running a few years before our chat, Tom has run a lot of different races. And some of his favorite races, at least at the moment, are the “odd” ones.

Tom Foreman

Tom Foreman Hitting the Trails

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Boston Bound Author Elizabeth Clor

Elizabeth Clor Overcame Her Mental Demons to Qualify for Boston

Today I’m talking with Elizabeth Clor, who recently published a book on her seven year journey (and struggle) with qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Boston Bound Author Elizabeth Clor

Boston Bound Author Elizabeth Clor

Running Before the Boston Journey Began

Growing up Elizabeth was a dancer, but after college she joined a gym to stay active and started to run on the treadmill on the days when her step aerobics class wasn’t in session. Read more