My Biggest Takeaway from Reading 80/20 Running (with Video)

Since talking with Matt Fitzgerald on the podcast a couple of months ago, I’ve been reading through and diving deep into his book 80/20 Running.

While the premise of the book seems crazy, that we need to slow down in training if we want to race faster, if you read the book with an open mind I think that the evidence that supports this statement is pretty overpowering.

In this week’s video, I’m sharing my biggest takeaway from the book and explaining why I am definitely on board with the idea of 80/20 running.

Would You Be Open to the Idea of Running Slower If It Meant Racing Faster? Why?

80/20 Running, Running 80/20

Quick Tip: Buying In to 80/20 Running

This week, the Diz Runs Book Club wrapped up our first book study: a 6 week look at the book 80/20 Running.

80/20 Running

80/20 Running

This book did a lot to change the way I look at running and training both for myself and for the runners I coach.

In this post I want to share some of the things from the book that really stood out to me, caused me to think, and ultimately made me a believer that if I want to get faster in races I need to slow down in my training.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

I know. I thought so too.

But after having the author (Matt Fitzgerald) on the podcast, talking to him about the science behind the book, and then reading it myself I’ve got to say that I’m convinced.

My “A-Ha Moments” from 80/20 Running

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Jen Miller

Jen Miller Has Combined Her Passions of Running and Writing

Jen Miller has created a career for herself as a writer that allows her to not only pursue her passion for the written word but to do so while running regularly as well.

Jen got into running in a way that is rather unique, she was writing a piece for a running magazine where the magazine hired a coach for her to train for a 5k race. She wasn’t really looking forward to running, and wasn’t planning on sticking with it after the story, but her plans changed and she is definitely a runner now.

Jen Miller

Jen Miller

And being a runner has served her well ever since, through all of the ups and downs of life since then. She continues to run and write about running, and her stories have been featured in a number of running magazines and other print publications. We talked about all this and more during our run today, Read more

Margaret Webb and Her Running Medals

Margaret Webb Set a Huge Fitness Goal on Her 50th Birthday

Margaret Webb set a fitness goal that many people would consider impossible-to be as fit in her 50s as she has been at any point in her life.

And she did it.

Margaret Webb and Her Running Medals

Margaret Webb

In her book Older, Faster, Stronger: What Women Runners Can Teach Us All About Living Younger, Longer, Margaret goes into great detail about her experience living her “super fit year”, and some of the changes that she saw in her health and her life.

She also sought out some amazing masters athletes (particularly runners) and shared conversations with some women that are doing amazing things on the track and on the roads into their 70s, 80s, and beyond.

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Diz Runs With… Ray Charbonneau

On today’s run, I’m joining runner and author Ray Charbonneau for a few easy miles.

Ray Charbonneau, Idle Feet Do the Devil's Work

Ray Charbonneau

Ray has just published his 5th book, Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work, and this book is full of amazing stories, articles, and research that he has written about running over the years. Read more