Charlee Crouse Shares How To Make A Difference One Step At A Time

My guest today is a woman that isn’t afraid to practice what she preaches.

Charlee Crouse

Her day job is the Coordinator of Global Events for DKMS and is focused on helping the organization achieve it’s goal of eliminating blood cancer.

Charlee Crouse and I will go a few easy miles as she explains why everyone should consider combining running and making a difference through charity running.

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Emily Garcia Enjoys Running for a Cause with Team Momentum

Emily Garcia and I first connected through Team Momentum, a charity running component for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Emily Garcia

Her personal connection to the cause inspired her to become a coach for the team.

Today we will go a few easy miles as Emily shares why everyone should consider running for a cause.

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Michele Brodtman Running NYC

Michele Brodtman Continues to Fight the Fight After Beating Cancer

Michele Brodtman is so thankful to have running in her life.

After being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008, this mom and kindergarten teacher says, “I feel like running gave me my life back more than anything. I feel so alive. I feel so clean.”

Michele Brodtman Running NYC

Michele Brodtman Running NYC

I feel like #running gave me my life back more than anything. I feel so alive. I feel so clean. ~@brodtmom Click To Tweet

Although Michele is not entirely new to running, she ran cross country in high school and college and ran a few 5k’s after becoming a mother, it wasn’t until after her throat cancer diagnosis that she became serious about running.

Team DetermiNation

Michele remembers thinking she was going to make it her goal to get healthy and stay healthy by running while she was going through throat cancer treatment.

How? During this episode, Michele talks about how she memorized Team DeterminNation’s phone number while running a 5k and making that phone call after the race.

And the rest has been history.

Michele absolutely loves running for Team DetermiNation. She feels so much support and commitment from Team Determination.

The night before a race Michele says of Team DetermiNation, “We are all in a room together before a race celebrating life. And every person in that room is there for the same reason, to knock down this horrible disease.”

Michele Brodtman Photobombing Her Team DetermiNation Coach

Michele Brodtman Photobombing Her Team DetermiNation Coach in Chicago

Michele and the Marathon

Although the marathon isn’t her favorite distance to race (the half marathon is because she feels it is doable for so many people), Michele has run five of them with Team Determination: Philadelphia, Marine Corp., Chicago, and New york twice.

When asked which one she would go back to, she had an extremely difficult time deciding and settled on Marine Corp, Chicago, AND New York all for different reasons.

All of the marathons that Michele has run would be considered big ones by anyone’s definition, so I asked her how she runs her own race in such a large crowd of people.

The key for Michele is to stay focused.

Michele says, “It is easier when you are new at it to start to compare yourself to other people and be worried and mindful of where they are but that’s when it could really mess you up and then you can be so defeated that you just give up…as you mature in running, I feel it is easier to just know what you want to do.”

Running for a Cause

Michele is also very involved in raising money via Charity Miles.

(Not familiar with Charity Miles? Check out my interview with Charity Miles founder Gene Gurkoff to learn all about this awesome organization.)

While raising money isn’t exactly easy, Michele is committed to giving back.

She says that without the help the American Cancer Society gave her and her family, she would not have known what to do when she was battling her cancer.

And the drug she takes daily to manage her cancer, and will most likely have to take the rest of her life, was the result of research made possible because of people raising money for the American Cancer Society in the past.

Michele feels so lucky and she is just so grateful for all she has been given that she is determined to help others going through what she went through.

If you’d like to connect with Michele, the best places to do so are on Twitter and/or Instagram.

After beating her own cancer, @brodtmom continues to fight the good fight. #runchat #teamdetermiNation Click To Tweet

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Run Always

Mark Casas Has Seen an Evolution in His Running Life Over the Past 20+ Years

Running has been a part of life for Mark Casas since he was a kid.

He’s run all the distances, from the track to the roads, and coached many runners along the way as well.

Mark Casas

Mark Casas

Coaching High School Runners

Mark had the opportunity to coach high school track and cross country at his alma mater shortly after finishing college, and having the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of kids over his time there is something that was very special to Mark.  Read more

Angela Barraco Running with Team for Kids

Angela Barraco is a Runner in Denial, but She’s Not Fooling Anyone!

Angela Barraco didn’t think of herself as a runner after running her first marathon, but as much as she may want to deny it she clearly is a runner at this point in her life!

Angela Barraco Loves Running Long

Angela Barraco Loves Running Long

An Accidental Marathoner

Angela ran her first marathon by accident, or more accurately, signed up for her first marathon by accident.

After college, Angela was looking for ways to be more active on a regular basis, so she signed up for a half marathon. She figured that since she had paid the money already, she’d be motivated to do the training.

She did, and she loved it!

After that first half marathon, Angela heard about the NYC half and she decided to sign up.

Registration was closed, but charity spots were open, so she figured what the heck.

One thing led to another, and she got the confirmation: Congratulations! You’re Registered for the NYC Marathon!

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