Ila Allen Isn’t Using Age As An Excuse To Not Achieve Her Goals

Ila Allen has been a contributing member of the Diz Runs Facebook group for as long as I can remember.

Today she will be joining me on the show as I get to know more about her “zero dark thirty” runs that are an inspiration to many, myself included.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Ila Allen.

Ila Allen

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Thomas Paquette Has Found Lessons In Every High And Every Low

Today my guest on the show is here for a second time to catch up on the highs and lows of 2018.

Thomas Paquette

When a race doesn’t go as planned or setbacks occur he shared his tips for overcoming adversity.

I will go a few easy miles with Thomas Paquette, the head man in charge of the Next Level Running Company.

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Denise Sauriol Turned I Can’t Into What Else Can I Do

My guest today ran her first marathon in 1994 and since then her love for our sport has continued to grow.

Denise Sauriol

Fast forward to today and she’s getting ready for her 100th marathon.

I will go a few easy miles with Denise Sauriol as we discuss her running journey, how she got into coaching, and the recent release of her first book.

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Emily Garcia Enjoys Running for a Cause with Team Momentum

Emily Garcia and I first connected through Team Momentum, a charity running component for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Emily Garcia

Her personal connection to the cause inspired her to become a coach for the team.

Today we will go a few easy miles as Emily shares why everyone should consider running for a cause.

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Edgar Suris on Bike

Edgar Suris Isn’t Letting Anything Get in His Way

Today I’m running a few easy miles with someone that is no stranger to overcoming obstacles.

Edgar Suris Running w/ His Guide

Edgar Suris Running w/ His Guide

Edgar Suris has lived most of his life with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). RP is a degenerative eye disease and has rendered Edgar legally blind.
RP hasn’t stopped Edgar from competing in races on a regular basis, however.
To date, Edgar has completed several marathons, including a few Bostons!

The Silver Lining

Edgar was diagnosed with RP when he was twelve, but he actually attributes the disease to making his life better!
RP has been given Edgar the platform to prove that great things can be accomplished within the sight impaired community.
Edgar was introduced to running when he was young, and his passion for running has easily withstood the loss of his sight.

“Boston is Mecca”

Edgar qualified for the Boston Marathon through the seeing impaired division.
The density of the Boston Marathon field is an issue for Edgar.
The first two miles of any race Edgar considers to be a mine field of sorts.
In most smaller races, as the field thins out Edgar becomes more comfortable. But in Boston, the whole course is difficult because of the sheer number of runners that participate.
That said, it’s safe to say that Edgar is still a fan of the Boston Marathon!

Edgar The Centurion

Edgar Suris on Bike

Edgar Suris on Bike

A few years ago Edgar, completed a metric century bike race through central Florida.
You’d be forgiven for thinking that the most challenging part was the ride itself, but to Edgar, the biggest issue came with finding a capable tandem bike!

What Does the Future Hold?

 The next race Edgar has his sights on is the Eugene marathon in Oregon.
But Edgar’s biggest goal at the moment is to complete a triathlon and an eventually Ironman!

If you would like to connect with Edgar, click here to find him on Twitter.

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