Ras Vaughan Is Always Looking for a New Challenge

In the world of ultramarathoning, there are those that run/race hard and there are those that simply embrace the challenge.

And then there is Ras Vaughan.

Ras Vaughan is the epitome of an ultrapedestrian!

Ras Vaughan, Photo by Kathy Vaughan

Ultrapedestrian Ras is a pioneer in the ultra/backpacking/thru-hiking world. He is the holder of many OKTs, or only known times, and is always looking for new ways to do run/hike a trail/distance/event that has never been done before.

Ras has completed a number of epic events, some official events and some that were organized on his own, and he continues to look for ways to do the unthinkable. We talked about some of his past achievements, future plans, and how it all got started on today’s episode.  Read more

Why I Hate Running the 5k

The Top 7 Reasons I Hate Running 5k

While the half marathon is typically recognized as the fastest growing race distance in America, it’s hard to argue that the 5k is the most popular race in terms of sheer numbers.

Lots of people love the 5k, but not me. In fact, I hate running 5k races.

If you love the 5k, more power to you! But here are 7 reasons that I can’t stand this distance.

Why I Hate Running 5k

Why I Hate Running the 5k

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Don't Beat Yourself Up

Quick Tip–Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person?

For the longest time, I’ve rejected the idea that I’m pessimistic in favor of calling myself a realist (there is a glass with water in it) but I’ve definitely trended toward pessimism. I didn’t see being a realist as a bad thing, just kind of the way I was wired.

At the end of the day, you can call me what you want, but one thing I know I did far too often was beat myself up.

No Matter What, It was Never Good Enough

Don't Beat Yourself Up

How bad would I beat myself up? Read more

Listener Q&A-Feb 2015

Listener Question and Answer–February 2015

It’s the end of the month, and you know what that means…Time for another Listener Q&A episode!

Listener Q&A-Feb 2015

This month was a little light on questions, but that’s ok. Short and sweet isn’t that bad!

Just a reminder, but the best way to get your questions answered is to join the Diz Runs FB group since I’ll post a call for questions about a week before I record each Q&A episode.

Let’s get down to the questions for February.  Read more

Tonia Smith has survived pancreatic cancer and continues running ultra marathons!

Tonia Smith on Cancer, Survival, and Running Through It All

When Tonia Smith finished her first 100 miler in 2013, she was elated. When she won a 100k ultra marathon later that year, she was having arguably the best year of running in her life.

Tonia Smith shares her story of surviving pancreatic cancer and the roll that running plays in her life.

Tonia Smith, at her 100 Miler

And then she learned that she had pancreatic cancer a few weeks later.

While she could have crumbled after being blindsided by this diagnosis, she did what any good ultra marathoner would do, she simply just kept going. During her treatments, she stayed as active as possible and set a goal of running a 50 miler less than a year after her cancer diagnosis, and she did. Read more