Greg Unger

Greg Unger Lives Life with a “Go Big or Go Home” Attitude

On today’s show, I’m joining a Greg Unger for a few easy miles.

Greg has an amazing story when it comes to his evolution as a runner, starting off as a very serious body builder before diving into the deep end of the running scene. And as you can see, he doesn’t exactly look like your typical marathoner/endurance athlete.

Greg Unger

Greg Unger

Greg wasn’t a runner growing up, but he definitely was into lifting weights. At some point a few years ago, he decided he wanted to drop a little bit of weight and started to dabble with running here and there.

As his health habits improved and he continued to feel better, he really got into endurance sports.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Wearing Compression Gear Flying Home After the Blue Ridge Marathon

Quick Tip–My Experience With Compression Gear for Runners

In Wednesday’s post, I shared an article that Teal Burrell had written for Outside magazine recently about the impact that compression gear has for runners both during a run and when used for recovery.

If you didn’t get a chance to read Teal’s article, please take a minute and check it out.

My Take On Compression Gear

Full disclosure on my part, I have purchased one pair of compression socks and was given one pair of compression sleeves for my calves. I have used both of these items multiple times, but I’ve never used any other form of compression gear.

Wearing Compression Gear Flying Home After the Blue Ridge Marathon

Wearing Compression Gear Flying Home After the Blue Ridge Marathon

Now that I’ve cleared the air.

In my experience, when it comes to running performance, Read more

Listener Q&A April 2015

Listener Q&A April 2015

In case you didn’t notice, today is April 30th.

And that can only mean one thing, it’s time for the Listener Q&A April 2015 episode!

Listener Q&A April 2015

Each month, I put a post up in the Diz Runs Tribe Facebook group asking what questions I can answer for anyone in the group this month. And just like the conversations that take place on the podcast, I’m up for questions relating to running, life, and anything in between.

And this month, we’ve definitely got some life and in between questions to talk about!

So let’s kick this thing off! Read more

Compression Gear for Runners

Compression Gear for Runners: Does It Really Do Anything?

A few weeks ago, I was joined on the podcast by Teal Burrell.

We had a great chat, and one of the things that we talked about was the fact that she has written some articles looking at some of the different trends in the running world and the science behind them.

One of the the articles we touched on during our conversation was the increased prevalence of compression gear for runners, from socks to sleeves to tights and a whole lot more, and what said compression gear actually does (or doesn’t do) for runners.

I loved her article, and I think many of you guys will enjoy reading it as well, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Compression Gear for Runners

Image from the Original Article, via Outside Online

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Should I Hire a Running Coach? (with Video)

Recently, a member of our Facebook group asked a question about knowing when he should hire a running coach.

As a running coach, I honestly feel like there is no “right time” for deciding to work with a coach. I think that all runners, from brand new to seasoned vets, can benefit from working with a coach. But it’s important to also realize that not every coach is the right fit for each runner.

So in this video, I go into a little more depth about helping you answer the question of whether or not you’d like to work with a coach.

And if you’re interested in possibly working with me, let’s chat soon!

Do You Think a Running Coach Could Help You? Why or Why Not?