Teal Burrell

Teal Burrell Sets High Goals for Herself, But She Get’s Results

Teal Burrell has witnessed first hand the power of setting big goals.

Teal Burrell

Teal Burrell

Since she started running, she has set some ridiculously lofty goals for herself. And because of that, there are times that small PRs are as disappointing as not PRing at all. But she uses those disappointments as motivation, and typically is able to come back with some really amazing times.

And without setting those big goals in the first place, these amazing times may not have been possible. Read more

Keys to Improve as a Runner

4 Key Components to Improve as a Runner

When it comes to reaching new running goals, many runners think they need to be running more, running longer, or running faster. Or all of the above.

And if that’s your focus, I guarantee you are not maximizing your potential as a runner and are making it more difficult to achieve your goals.

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a better runner requires much more than just #running. Click To Tweet

If you are serious about the desire to improve as a runner, and stay injury free at the same time, here are the 4 key components that need to be a part of any training plan that you will be following if you really want to  to improve as a runner.

Keys to Improve as a Runner

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After a Long Run

Quick Tip: What to Do the Week After a Long Run

One of the most overlooked aspects of distance running is what you should do the week or so after a really long run.

After a Long Run

After racing, there are a couple of standard answers.

There is the reverse taper technique, where you basically take the next 10-14 days and do the exact opposite that you did during your taper. Lots of stretching, and easy run here and there, hydrate like crazy, and after a couple of weeks you can get back to training for your next race.

Then there is the idea (that I think is bullocks, by the way) that you should take the same number of days off after a race as the number of miles run. So for a half, you take 13 days off. For a full, 26.

No way.

I’ll take a few days off after a full, but I’m not taking almost 4 weeks off.

So I guess, almost by default, that makes me much more of a reverse taper guy. And I’m ok with that.

But what do you do after a long run (maybe your longest ever) during your training for a race? Read more

Polina Carlson Interview

Polina Carlson Wasn’t a Runner Until She Got to College

When Polina Carlson came to America, the idea of being a professional runner was the farthest possible thing from her mind.

She wouldn’t have even called herself a runner at that point in her life.

It’s funny how things change in just a few short years.

Polina Carlson Interview

Polina Carlson

From non-runner to Olympic Trials qualifier, Polina Carlson is taking the running world by storm. She’s won a number of races from the 5k to the marathon, and she is continuing to improve with a number of new PRs already in 2015.

We talked about how she got into running, her goals for this year, and a whole lot more during our run. Read more

Echo Half Marathon

Guess Who Signed Up for the Echo Half Marathon in June?

This guy.

I was planning on getting back into “serious” running later this fall, but when the opportunity to run the Echo Half Marathon popped up I couldn’t resist.

Echo Half Marathon

Echo Half Marathon Logo

And there were plenty of reasons I should have resisted. Among them:

  • A half marathon in June. In Florida. It’s gonna be hot y’all.
  • It’s only like 2 months away! And I’m not even close to race ready.
  • I know people running the race, which means I better get ready or get embarrassed.
  • Did I mention it’ll be hot?

But in all seriousness, it will be a good thing for me to be staring down the barrel of a race.

Like I mentioned when I announced I’d be running an ultra in December, I need the pressure of an official race to help push me to get more serious about my training.

The pressure is now officially on.

And that’s no April Fools joke, either.

Any of You Guys (Besides Bill) Crazy Enough to Even Consider Running a Summer Half in Florida?