Polina Carlson Interview

Polina Carlson Wasn’t a Runner Until She Got to College

When Polina Carlson came to America, the idea of being a professional runner was the farthest possible thing from her mind.

She wouldn’t have even called herself a runner at that point in her life.

It’s funny how things change in just a few short years.

Polina Carlson Interview

Polina Carlson

From non-runner to Olympic Trials qualifier, Polina Carlson is taking the running world by storm. She’s won a number of races from the 5k to the marathon, and she is continuing to improve with a number of new PRs already in 2015.

We talked about how she got into running, her goals for this year, and a whole lot more during our run. Read more

Echo Half Marathon

Guess Who Signed Up for the Echo Half Marathon in June?

This guy.

I was planning on getting back into “serious” running later this fall, but when the opportunity to run the Echo Half Marathon popped up I couldn’t resist.

Echo Half Marathon

Echo Half Marathon Logo

And there were plenty of reasons I should have resisted. Among them:

  • A half marathon in June. In Florida. It’s gonna be hot y’all.
  • It’s only like 2 months away! And I’m not even close to race ready.
  • I know people running the race, which means I better get ready or get embarrassed.
  • Did I mention it’ll be hot?

But in all seriousness, it will be a good thing for me to be staring down the barrel of a race.

Like I mentioned when I announced I’d be running an ultra in December, I need the pressure of an official race to help push me to get more serious about my training.

The pressure is now officially on.

And that’s no April Fools joke, either.

Any of You Guys (Besides Bill) Crazy Enough to Even Consider Running a Summer Half in Florida? 

Amy Van Alstine and her Pups

Amy Van Alstine Had a Roller Coaster Year in 2014

Amy Van Alstine kind of burst onto the scene early in 2014, before her year got derailed by some injuries. But now she’s back, and looking to build on her National Championship Victory at the USA Cross Country Championships in February of 2014.

Amy Van Alstine Wins the Cross Country National Championship

National Champion Amy Van Alstine

She followed her win up with another strong performance, but then the injury bug hit and her racing plans went awry.

But now that she’s feeling better and back to full health, and she’s working on getting her fitness back to her pre-injury level. She’s got a few other plans for 2015, but a lot of her events are still up in the air.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation. Read more

Foam Roller Before Running

Quick Tip-Using the Foam Roller Before Running

Have you ever used a foam roller before running?

Many runners regularly use a foam roller or the stick to help with recovery after particularly hard workouts or heavy mileage weeks. Regular use of the foam roller can also help to mitigate some overuse injuries that are common in runners.

Does it Make Sense to Use the Foam Roller Before Running? Click To Tweet

In a word, yes.

Foam Roller Before Running

How Many Runners Feel About the Foam Roller

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Sarah Lavender Smith Has Completely Embraced Running in Every Aspect of Her Life

Not many runners can point to an exact date as the day that they started running.

Sarah Lavender Smith can: Monday, March 7, 1994.

And since she decided to start running with the goal to run a marathon 364 days later, she’s never looked back. She’s had success running a variety of race distances, gotten into coaching, writes about running for Trail Runner Magazine, and is a co-host on the Ultra Runner Podcast.

But the most important thing in her life is her family.

Sarah Lavender Smith and Family

Sarah Lavender Smith and Family Camping in the Grand Canyon While Rafting the Colorado River

We talked about a lot of different things during the course of our conversation, including the year that Sarah, her husband, and the kids took a year to travel around the world living as nomads. The lessons learned, the time together, and the ability to run races in different places around the world was an amazing experience.

Here are some of the other highlights of our conversation. Read more