The Human Machine

The Human Machine

“The Human Body is Capable of Amazing Physical Deeds.”

~Dean Karnazes

The Human Machine

The Human Machine

Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing the human machine actually is?

Never mind all of the truly incredible stuff our bodies do on a daily basis without us consciously thinking about the task for one second (breathing, heart beating, cellular repair, digestion, hormone secretion, etc.), how about the things that we actually do think about?

  • Want to run a faster marathon time? Put in the training and your body will respond accordingly.
  • Want to PR in the 5k? Same thing. Your body will respond and adapt to the demands that you put on it.

For all of the abuse we put our bodies through (fast food, alcohol, sun exposure, sedentary jobs, etc), if you think about it our bodies are incredibly resilient. If we treated our cars or computers the same way we treat our bodies, there is no way they’d last more than a few months.

Yet the human machine takes all of our abuse and runs smoothly for decades.

It is true, the human body IS capable of amazing physical deeds.

Strength Training Exercises for Runners: Swiss Ball Edition

If you have a swiss ball, you’ve got all the equipment you need for a great runner-specific workout.

I’ve talked about this before, but strength training exercises for runners are important, and if you’re not regularly doing any strength training you need to start it ASAP!

Get a FREE PDF guide with explaining each of the exercises in this routine, just tell me where to send it!

Watch the video and get started today!

Waving the White Flag

Letting Go of My Goal to Post Daily in 2015:A Failed Resolution

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal/New Year’s Resolution of posting new content on the site every day in 2015.

I knew at the time that perfection would be difficult, but I figured I’d do my best and hopefully only miss a handful of days.

So far in 2015, I believe I’ve only missed 5 days of posting. And if I’m honest, I’d have to say that I’m pretty happy with my consistency and I feel like I’m on the toward making this particular resolution a success.

Except for the fact that I’m purposefully breaking the resolution and letting go my goal.

Waving the White Flag

Why I’m Waving the White Flag

3 Reasons That I’m Letting Go of My Goal of Posting Daily

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Shoe Review: The Altra Superior 2.0 (with Video)

Once I decided I was going to run regularly on the trails here in town, I knew that meant I was going to have to get a pair of trail running shoes as well.

As an Altra Ambassador, and just a huge fan of all things Altra anyway, it didn’t take me long to decide that the Altra Superior 2.0 was the shoe I was going to try.

And after the first run, I knew it was the right choice.

In this video, I’ll be talking about what makes this a great shoe, some of the positives of the shoe that I’ve experienced first hand to this point, as well as bring up a couple of questions/concerns that I still have about the Altra Superior 2.0.

***FTC Notice: As an Altra Ambassador, I received 2 free pairs of shoes from the company. Offering an honest shoe review is not required as an ambassador, and nothing stated or implied in this post/video has been influenced by anyone from Altra in any way. All opinions expressed in this post are completely my own.

Is There Anything Else You’d Like to Know About the Altra Superior 2.0s? Leave a Question Below!

The Start of the 2015 Carol Marsh Kids to Camp 5k

Are There Too Many Road Races?

While reading my issue of Running Times during one of my flights from the past couple of weeks, I came across an article that asked a rather provocative question: are there too many road races these days?

There’s no question that there are more runners in America now than there has ever been before, and because we are often looking for our next race it makes sense that more races will be made available.

The Start of the 2015 Carol Marsh Kids to Camp 5k

Could There Really Be Too Many Road Races?

But the question that the article asks is, and it makes sense if you stop to think about it, are more races being added than the running community can actually handle?

What Would Too Many Road Races Look Like?

I think the answer depends on where you live. Read more