Kristin Wentworth Brought Her Love Of Disney To Her Coaching

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Today’s guest made some big changes in her health and life over a decade ago, and now she’s helping others make similar changes.

She’s a running coach, personal trainer, and last but certainly not least, a runDisney fanatic.

I am looking forward to seeing where this conversation takes us as I go a few easy miles with Kristin Wentworth.

Kristin Wentworth

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Mechella Lara Embraces the Trail Scene From Every Angle

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My guest today spends some serious time out on the trails both for pleasure and for her job.

She’s involved with hosting and directing endurance events and will hopefully share some of the logistics behind putting on races.

I am looking forward to diving a bit deeper and going a few easy miles with Mechella Lara!

Mechella Lara

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Wayne Young Didn’t Need Superpowers To Make A Difference

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Today’s guest is someone that is closing in on 10 years of running and in that time he has done a lot.

He has run a lot of miles and raised a lot of money for cancer research.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Wayne Young today!

Wayne Young

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Rebekah McNeil Krahe Spoke Openly About Infertility Struggles

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My show is slightly different today because I’m airing a recent segment from the Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine podcast.

The guest on their show is someone that I know pretty well.

They welcomed my wife, Rebekah McNeil Krahe on the show to discuss her running and our fertility journey for a special Mother’s Day Episode.

Rebekah McNeil Krahe and Her Family

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Kate Morgan Reclaimed Her Sense Of Self Through Running

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Today’s guest and I have shared a few thousand miles together over the years.

I know her as only running friends do and I look forward to seeing where today’s conversation goes.

Let’s get this conversation started as I share a few more miles with my friend Kate Morgan. Read more