Kate Ediger

Kate Ediger Shares Her Passions for Running & Our Military

In my opinion, having Kate Ediger on the show for Memorial Day was an absolute no brainer for me.

During the time that I’ve interacted with her on twitter, there has been no doubt in my mind that she has a deep respect for the military and the men and women that serve. So on the day that we set aside to honor those that have lost their lives in service to our country, I thought it would be a great chance to run together and have a great conversation.

And our chat today definitely did not leave me disappointed!

Kate Ediger

Kate Ediger After the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon

During our run, we talked a lot about how Kate came to have such an appreciation for our service members, the races put on by each branch of the military, reflecting on the meaning of Memorial Day, and an awesome concert I went to recently that I got to share with Kate via Twitter. Here are some of the highlights from our run. Read more

Reflect on the Meaning of Memorial Day Weekend

5 Memorial Day Weekend Reminders for Runners

Memorial Day Weekend is often considered the official start of the summer, though let’s be honest, it’s been summer here in Central FL for a couple of months now.

While you’re enjoying an extra day off of work, time with friends/family, and cookouts galore, here are a few things all runners should keep in mind this weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

Memorial Day Weekend Cookout

5 Memorial Day Weekend Reminders

Read more