Erik Heine And His Son Demonstrate Inclusion With Every Run They Take

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Today’s guest is someone that enjoys a good run as much as any of us, but his best runs are never a solo endeavor.

He and his wife are co-founders of Team Hoyt Oklahoma.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles today with Erik Heine.

Erik Heine and His Son Stephen

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Parents are the Toughest Runners

Who are the Toughest Runners on the Planet? (A Guest Post by Andy Cloud)

When you picture it in your mind, what do the toughest runners look like??

Is it the elite marathoner breaking the tape at a marathon major? Maybe the 100 mile ultra runner who runs for 24 hours plus? Or could it be the Tough Mudder, who actually paid money to scale walls, struggle through muddy pits, and get electrocuted?

You might tell yourself that all of those runners are pretty tough, and I’d certainly agree.

But the toughest runners, the runners that really take it to the next level when it comes to sacrifice and dealing with adversity, would be your average, everyday, hard working runner/parent.

Parents are the Toughest Runners

Parents are the Toughest Runners

Running and Raising Kids

There are many challenges that a parent has to overcome when you’re running/racing.

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