Diz Runs With… Shawn Stratton

Today, I’m joining Shawn Stratton for a few easy miles.

Shawn Stratton

Shawn Stratton

Shawn is an entrepreneur, speaker, adventurer, educator, husband, father, and runner who has travelled to many corners of the world for work in his lifetime. Read more

Diz Runs With… Ray Charbonneau

On today’s run, I’m joining runner and author Ray Charbonneau for a few easy miles.

Ray Charbonneau, Idle Feet Do the Devil's Work

Ray Charbonneau

Ray has just published his 5th book, Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work, and this book is full of amazing stories, articles, and research that he has written about running over the years. Read more

Diz Runs With… Steve Carmichael

On today’s run, I’m joining fellow podcaster and running coach Steve Carmichael for a few easy miles.

Steve Carmichael

Steve Carmichael

Steve is the host of the RunBuzz podcast, and he is also building the RunBuzz community as a resource for runners to interact with each other and learning from each other and experts within the running community. Read more

Diz Runs With… Molly Huddle

Molly Huddle is an incredibly accomplished track and cross country runner, with quite a few accolades to her name.

Molly Huddle, American Record

Molly Huddle

In college, she was a 10 time All-American. Since turning pro, she’s competed in races in Europe and represented the United States at various international meets, including the 2012 Olympics. And earlier this summer, improved upon her own personal best and American record time in the 5,000 meters in a time of 14:42:64. Read more

Tyler McCandless

Diz Runs With… Tyler McCandless

The 2016 Olympics are the goal of Tyler McCandless. Yet he has found more success as a runner as he has focused less on running and more on some of his other endeavors.

Tyler McCandless

Tyler McCandless

And he has many such endeavors. Read more