Listener Q&A: January 2024

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For the 10th straight year, we are wrapping up January with a little Q&A!


I didn’t realize I’ve been doing these episodes for so long either, but here we are.

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Listener Q&A: December 2023

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Does this week feel like you’re living in a Twilight Zone episode to anyone else? Just me?

That week between Christmas and New Year’s can be a bit of a lost week for all the reasons.

But one thing that doesn’t get lost in the end-of-the-year shuffle?

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Listener Q&A: November 2023

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Love to eat turkey, cause it’s good.

Love to eat the turkey like a good boy should.

If you know you know, I suppose.

Anyway, hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

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Listener Q&A: October 2023

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Before the tricks are played and the treats are handed out, let’s do a little Q&A! Read more

Listener Q&A: September 2023

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Fall is here, which means all you PSL people are living your best life.

Meanwhile, the rest of us our drinking our bean juice without any random flavory syrups the way God intended! hehe

Whatever your coffee drink of choice happens to be, it’s time for some Q&A! Read more