Listener Q&A: June 2022

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Don’t look now, but 2022 is just about half way home.

I know, right?

Six months down, six months to go.

But before we slam the door on the first half of the year, let’s do a little Q&A! Read more

Listener Q&A: May 2022

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If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Pilgrims, obvi.


I don’t really do the dad joke thing, but this one has been in my repertoire for something like 35 years.

Anyway, before I subject you to any other terrible comedy material, let’s do some Q&A! Read more

Listener Q&A: April 2022

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The April showers are drying up.

So does that mean the May flowers are on deck?


Before the calendar turns from April to May, let’s do a little Q&A! Read more

Listener Q&A: March 2022

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It’s time for another round of Listener Q&A!


Glad you’re excited.

No need for small talk this month, let’s get down to business. Read more

Listener Q&A: February 2022

Where did February go?

That is an Excellent Question

Seems like we were just celebrating the New Year, and here we are bidding February adieu.

But before we officially kick this month to the curb, let’s do a little Q&A. Read more