Quick Tip: Maintaining Flexibility

I’ve talked a lot about the need for runners to improve their flexibility.

As a whole, we are incredibly inflexible.

And as it turns out, our inflexibility often relates to more than just our hamstrings and calves.

Your Training Plan Shouldn’t Be Etched in Stone

Etched in Stone

Etched in Stone

Another area where we as runners need to work on maintaining flexibility is our training schedule.

Be honest for a minute, how many of us (myself absolutely included) are in such a routine when it comes to running that we almost don’t have to think about it anymore? Read more

Quick Tip: Try It, You Might Just Like It!

If you were like any normal kid in the entire history of the world, there were times in your youth that you decided you didn’t like something without ever trying it.

Broccoli, brussel sprouts, or liver anyone?

At some point, you got tried the thing that you were certain would kill you and found out that it actually wasn’t that bad.

And in some cases, you might have even liked it. (Seriously y’all, liver is REALLY good!)

While we grow out of many of our childhood idiosyncrasies, the issue of making up our minds about something before we try it is something very few people outgrow.

And runners are no exception.

I'll Give it a Try Read more

First Time Marathoner

Quick Tip: First Time Marathoners

Fall marathon season is in full swing, and if you’ve been logging miles since July/August training for your fall race, the payoff is almost here!

Veteran marathoners know what to expect when it’s time to toe the line, but for first time marathoners the experience can feel like a complete and utter whirlwind.

First Time Marathoner

How I Felt as a First Time Marathoner

But it doesn’t need to be.

There are several things that I wish I would have known going into my first full or half marathon now that I’m able to look back on the experience. So if you’re gearing up for your first big race in the next few weeks, hopefully you’ll be able to learn from my experience. Read more

Feeling Unprepared Before a Race?

Quick Tip: Feeling Unprepared Before a Race

If you’ve run enough races, and run them with a specific time goal in mind, you may have felt unprepared before a race began.

Lord knows I’ve don’t that more than a few times.

How does this happen? But more importantly, when you are feeling unprepared before a race how do you react when the race starts?

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Feeling Unprepared Before a Race?

Feeling Unprepared Before a Race?

I’ve headed to the starting line feeling completely unprepared too many times, yet I’ve been able to run some great times (for me) at those same events.

So what gives?

How can you convince yourself to still run, and potentially run very well, when you’re feeling unprepared before the start of a race.

Here are a few things that I have reminded myself of pre-race: Read more

Difference Between Running on Asphalt or Concrete

Quick Tip: Which is Better, Running on Asphalt or Concrete?

Every so often, I’ll hear someone talking about the difference in the amount of pounding that our bodies take when we are running on asphalt or concrete.

There are some that claim that running on asphalt is much easier on our bodies than running on concrete.

And there are some that would argue that there is absolutely no difference.

Today I want to talk about whether or not there is a difference when it comes to running on asphalt or concrete.

Difference Between Running on Asphalt or Concrete

Difference Between Running on Asphalt or Concrete

Reasons Cited That Asphalt is Easier on Our Bodies Than Concrete

  • Concrete is More Dense than Asphalt: If it’s more dense, it’s going to produce more force/stress with every step. Makes sense right, since trails are even less dense and they are clearly easier on our bodies to run on.
  • Just Run on Both, You’ll See the Difference: Nothing like some serious empirical evidence to try and back up your claim, eh?

The Common Rebuttals for These Reasons

Read more