Peer Pressure for Runners

Quick Tip: The Positive Impact of Peer Pressure for Runners

One thing that I’ve noticed during a number of different chats I’ve had on the podcast, and quite a few in the past couple of weeks, is that peer pressure for runners is often a really good thing.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I can do a pretty good job of sabotaging myself on a variety of fronts.

Have you every said something to yourself along the lines of  “I could never do <insert running achievement here>”?

I know I have.

solid group of running friends can provide the positive kind of peer pressure that will help you to get over whatever hurdle you’ve placed in your way and get out there and do it.

Peer Pressure for Runners

Peer Pressure for Runners

Examples of Positive Peer Pressure for Runners

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Rotating Your Running Shoes

Quick Tip-The Benefits of Rotating Your Running Shoes

How often are you rotating your running shoes?

Now, I don’t mean how many miles do you put on your shoes before you retire them and bring in some reinforcements. I’m talking about on a regular basis.

How many different pairs of shoes do you wear in a given week of regular running?

I really hope your answer is more than one.

Rotating Your Running Shoes

The Benefits of Rotating Your Running Shoes

Why Rotating Your Running Shoes Is a Good Idea

No matter how often you run, it’s a good idea to try and avoid wearing the same pair of shoes multiple runs in a row.

Why? Here are three big reasons I make sure to have 2-3 pairs of shoes that I run in at any given time.

  • Allow the Shoes to “Bounce Back”–If you’re wearing shoes that have much cushion in them at all, repetitive pounding/wear will cause that foam to compress and limit its ability to absorb the stress of each stride. But giving the shoes a break between wears of a couple of days allows that foam to fully decompress between runs. This provides two great benefits: it’ll help to extend the life of your shoes and decrease the amount of stress placed on your body. Win, win.
  • Different Shoes for Different Surfaces–There are some shoes that will claim you can wear them on any surface. And while that may be true, there is no question in my mind that wearing shoes that are designed for the surface that you’re running on is a good idea. I may be new to trail running, but there is a very noticeable difference between my trail shoes and my road shoes.
  • Never Reliant on “New Shoes”–Let’s face it, a lot of new shoes require some “breaking in” before they feel good on your feet. If you’re rotating your running shoes you can easily minimize the breaking in period by getting new shoes while your old shoes still have plenty of life left in them. Then you can wear your older pair of shoes for long runs/hard work outs and have confidence that you won’t be tearing up your feet while wearing/breaking in your new shoes during short recovery runs.

If you want to hear me talk a little more about the benefits of rotating your running shoes, just press play below!

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The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

Quick Tip–The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

If you run long enough, you’re going to have to deal with some aches and pains from time to time.

But one question I often get, especially from newer runners, is whether a particular issue is something they can run through or if they need to take some serious time off to rest.

Essentially they are trying to determine the difference between pain and discomfort.

The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

Knowing the Difference Between Pain and Discomfort is Important

On the surface, differentiating between pain and discomfort may seem rather trivial.

But once you dig a little deeper, you begin to realize that knowing the difference is vital if you want to run and avoid serious injury for a number of years. Read more

Having a Hard Time Finding the Motivation to Run?

Quick Tip-Staying Motivated to Run Without a Race

As much as I love running, talking about running, reading about running, and anything else that has to do with running, I do have a problem staying motivated to run when I don’t have a race on my schedule.

Having a Hard Time Staying Motivated to Run?

Having a Hard Time Staying Motivated to Run?

Now, I don’t mean that I lose all motivation to run, but the odds of me going for a 10+ miler when I don’t have any pressing reason to run that far are a lot less when I’m not prepping for a race.

And that is the exact reason that I always try to have a race on my calendar. But let’s be honest, between work, family, and other obligations, always having a race to chase isn’t always practical.

So today, I want to offer a couple of suggestions that I use for staying motivated to run even when I don’t have a race on the calendar. Read more

Quick Tip–Stop Waiting for the Last Minute



One of the things I hate the most about myself is my never-ending trait of waiting for the last minute to get things done.

For the entirety of 2015, I’ve been trying to get ahead when it comes to creating content for the blog so that I wouldn’t be stressed at the last minute trying to get  a post out each day.

Yet here I am, needing to leave for the airport in an hour, creating this post.

And did I mention, I still haven’t packed yet?

Today’s quick tip is short and sweet, but it’s a message I needed to hear myself more than anything.

And waiting for the last minute applies to my running life as well.

I don’t know how many times I’ve paid more for a race because I didn’t sign up at an early bird price.

And even more so, how many times I’ve not been as prepared as I would have liked because I put off doing some long runs, and ran out of time to log as many miles as I wanted to before the race.

So anyway, I hope you’re better than me when it comes to not waiting for the last minute. But if you’re not, let’s resolve to get better together!