QT: How to Handle a Poor Race Day Performance

I got an email from a podcast listener the other day with a question that she thought might be good for the next Q&A episode of the show.

This particular question, and what will inevitably turn into my long and drawn out answer, is much better suited for a QT episode.


Because it’s a common issue that I don’t think gets talked about as often, or as openly, as it should.

So let’s talk about, eh? Read more

Quick Tip: How to Deal with Your Nerves on Race Day

There’s nothing quite like toeing the line on race day.

The excitement and electricity in the air are often palpable.

And for a lot of runners, the nerves are a little bit frayed on race day as well.

This is especially true for those that are new to running.

If you let them, your nerves can get the best of you and ruin your race.

So how do you keep the nerves at bay?

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Quick Tip: How Much Do You Really Need to Eat on Race Day?

How much fuel should you take in on race day?

The conversation about what to eat on race day is an ongoing one in many parts of the running community.

Gels. Chews. Bars. Beans. Sports drinks. Real food.

The options are many, and there seem to be more products coming on the market all of the time.

But how much fuel do you actually need to eat on race day?

Perhaps that is the more important conversation to be had. Read more

QT: Key Mental Lessons Learned By Way of Race Day Experiments

Last weekend, I ran my first race in quite some time.

Me and My New Bling

Depending on how you want to classify things, it had been almost a year, a year and a half, or well over two years since I ran my last race.

No matter how you slice it, I was looking forward to getting out there and pushing it a little bit for the first time (and hopefully not the only time) in 2018.

As race day was drawing closer, I started thinking about how I was going to run the race based on the loose goals that I had set for myself.

Ultimately, I decided to do try a few things that I’ve never done before on race day.

Yeah, yeah. I know you’re not supposed to do anything new on race day.

Well, I did. And what do you know?

Things couldn’t have turned out any better! Read more

QT: Salvage a Bad Run (or Race) By Moving the Goal Posts

If you run long enough, you will learn that not all runs (or races) go according to plan.

How do you react when you are having a bad run?

Do you just say screw it, and cut the run short? Do you power through, hating it, until you finish?

Or do you figure out how to turn your bad run into the proverbial lemonade? Read more