Sandra Laflamme

Between Training, Blogging, and Mom-ing, Sandra Laflamme is Always on the Go!

Today I’m running with Sandra Laflamme, who is a woman that refuses to sit still for long!

Sandra Laflamme

Sandra Laflamme

Sandra is always on the go, whether she’s running or triathlon training, other physical activities, running a great blog, chasing her kids around, and working on the family business.

Trying the Triathlon

While dealing with an injury that kept her from running, Sandra found herself in the pool and on the bike in order to stay active and maintain her fitness when she couldn’t run. Read more

Use Real Food as Your Mid Race Fueling Choice

Is There a Better Mid Race Fueling Option Than a Gel?

When you’re running a long race, whether it’s a half, full, or an ultra, what do you for fuel during the race?

Many runners turn to gels for mid race fueling and nutrition, even though I’ve never met a single runner that enjoys a gel. (Seriously, if you like gels, let me know because I don’t think anyone really does.)

Most longer races provide gels at some point along the course, and I have a suspicion that is part of the reason that runners have flocked to the gels. We all like things that are free, and since they will be handed out for free at races, we train using them in an attempt to “avoid any race day unpleasantness”, if you will.

I took a quick poll in our Facebook Group yesterday, and I got what I expected. A lot of people said that they use gels, but a surprising number also said that they had used gels, but had to switch to another option because of tummy issues.

But what if there was a better option than a mid race gel?

There is. Read more