Quick Tip: 4 Suggestions to Keep in Mind as Race Day Approaches

Even though it’s not fall (yet!) in Florida, there’s no doubt that peak fall racing season is almost upon us!

Several of the athletes I coach will be toeing the line of their goal races soon.

For many, the lead up to a goal race is a super exciting time. But it can also be a bit nerve-wracking for even the most level-headed runner.

The nearer you get to race day, and the deeper you get into the taper, things have a way of getting even tenser! Read more

Thomas Paquette Is Going to the Next Level With His Running and Coaching

Today I’m going a few easy miles with Thomas Paquette coach and founder of Next Level Running.

Thomas Paquette

Once a collegiate runner, he now finds joy and inspiration in coaching the “everyday” athlete.

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QT: It’s Seldom as Bad as It Seems, I Promise. So Calm Down Already!

Humans can be a rather dramatic bunch, and we runners are humans so we can be a bit dramatic too.


Has that three-word phrase ever come out of your mouth? Probably.

When you uttered those words, had you really just completed your worst run ever? Doubtful. Read more