Gene Gurkoff, CEO Charity Miles

Gene Gurkoff is Making it Easy for Runners to Make a Difference in the World

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Gene Gurkoff who is the founder and CEO of Charity Miles.

Gene Gurkoff, CEO Charity Miles

Gene Gurkoff, CEO Charity Miles

Gene started Charity Miles as a way to raise funds for worthy causes, starting with Parkinson’s Disease research since he has a grandfather with that disease. By bringing the running community together en masse, we have the collective power to raise money for good and change the world.

So far, Charity Miles has raised $1.2 million dollars for their 37 charities.

If you haven’t used Charity Miles before, download the app today and join the DizRuns team! After you download the app and register click on the logo in the top left of the screen, tap teams, and search DizRuns. (And if you’re already active on Charity Miles, you can still join the team!)

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